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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Queen Catou

When I was getting back home from dinner, two nights back, I spied a little cat reclining in a graceful manner on the doormat of my neighbours one floor below. Normally cats attract a passing glance from me. Not so with this one. She intrigued me the first time I saw her.

She was a little thing, hardly anything. But her stately manner, like that of a queen resting among plush cushions, arrested you. I went for a closer look. She didn't flinch or run away. Just sat there and looked at me. I squatted next to her. She gave me another look and a miaow. The quiet greeting of a queen meeting fellowmen. She stole my heart then and there.

She was black all over with a little white here and there. She reminded me of a line i'd read once "We were rendered powerless by Blackie's white bib and slippers." Quite so. Although a little dusty from being homeless, my little cat was beautiful!!!! And not the merest trace of malice or haughtiness like I had seen in other cats. She sat there, very trusting, letting me stroke her. she even got up and rubbed against me like we'd been friends all our lives. She seemed to want my company, following me all the time and miaowing if she felt me moving away. I got her a little milk and watched her lap it up.

I didnt' have the heart to leave her, but i couldn't take on a pet right now. With a heavy heart I had to close the door behind me, with her on the other side of it. She was gone the next morning.

I wished with all my heart she hadn't. I prayed for her to be given to me, promising that if I saw her again, I would keep her.

Odd how these prayers are answered. I found her waiting right outside my door today. She had obviously found her way back and sat there waiting. And soon as she set eyes on me, she gave the queenly greeting I'd admired.

Of course i kept my promise!!! I brought her in, played with her and gave her milk. I didn't know what to name her and have so far alternated between Catou, Kitty and Tabby... she doesn't seem to mind my indecisiveness :)

She loves to cuddle and promptly burrowed in to sleep in my lap... typical cat, but oh! how not!!!

The dogs barking outside wake her up and she's afraid... then she looks at me and is assured she's safe. She takes an inventory of her surroundings and goes to her bowl again for snack. And begins her prowling again...

I love this cat.

Here's to you, tabby:

Grace, Poise and Dignity personified

Independence and royalty incarnate

Emerald eyes and feet so nimble,

Tabby, in your court we assemble.

Not Siamese, Persian nor Cheshire,

Stateliness is all she is

Train of fur trailing behind

Feline poetry in motion.


  1. I am happy for u that the cat liked you and u've got some company to kill your time...

    Tabby seems to like you, Hope u develop a bond with it,so that she stays with you,


  2. Anya!

    This is so good of you. Have you felt Catou purr by now? It's an incredible feeling-as if there were a motor inside.

    I like reading your blog. I mean you even have Crocuses and Enid Blyton! Bring it on!

  3. Thats some good usage of words..."she doesnt seem to mind my indecisiveness." Also the whole queen and stately imagery..."assembeled in your court." Hmmm...cant really seem to find anything wrong with it...DAMN. Dont you just hate it when people have only good stuff to say bout your stuff.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    A good blog but probably a little too decorated with words. you could have captured the cats stay at your place a li'l better.. as for the cat i can guess safely she wouldnt have come back to you.. has she???

  5. theroach:Thank you vry much senor, gives me a kick to hear somebody appreciate my writing!!!

    anonymous: well, the whole purpose of my blog is to use words as much as possible :) i'd ahve written more about Catou's stay, but her stay lasted exactly 16 hours... i wrote about when i was awake... the rest was lost to zzzzland

  6. well, i woke up half an hour back and i dont know why the first thing i did on my comp was to check out your blog, (wanted to read from long time though)..
    but i am glad i did... as i read through, there's is certain warmth developing in my heart for you...

    well, i cant comment on technicality of the language, but you do successfully bring out the emotions..

    and after reading the above comments, i was a little sad that it was just another "dew drop dream"..

  7. Pallavi, thanks a lot!!!! you've made my day, and a million times over with what you said :)

    it was a dewdrop dream yaar... i saw catou again today... but so much for my affection... i guess cats are kind of ungrateful..