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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Coloured vision?

So well, I am in this awesome job and everything’s going just great... interesting people, great colleagues, small department so no politics there and an extremely wonderful boss with the patience of a saint. The only time it gets stressful is when there’s a glitch here and there… man, I wouldn’t be anywhere else if I was gifted the world! But to continue…

Any given day has its moments... mainly hilarious ones given am working with a quirky person like R, her expressions, her statements, the jokes.. God you’re missing it coz you’re not me! The few tense moments arrive occasionally, to fade away like mist... coz well…it’s just that way.

My job is being the unofficial editorial co-ordinator for the magazine Hornbill. Basically means that I have to have an idea of every comma and full stop in the magazine, ensure everything looks spiffy when the magazine is finally out. So well, part of my job is to make sure the images look good after they’re worked on by the processor. Essentially, colour corrections to ensure picture perfect pictures.

Yesterday, I had been to the processor’s to oversee the colour corrections. Now well, given all range of pictures submitted, in print, TP and digital format, ultimately when they’re scanned, there’s bound to be a certain amount of distortion which has to be set right, adjusting the contrast, the proportion of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to get sharp images. And so there I was shooting what gyan of imagery I had ‘Too much cyan there, adjust the contrast, lessen the yellows…’ (It was part English, part Hindi and partly Marathi ..broken, beginner’s Marathi...but hell, we managed to understand each other, me and the old gentleman working on the images). I finished my work and caught a bus home.

Some point almost near to my place, I got the window seat, and obviously looked out. Now there’s a magnificent view before me... majestic mountains looming tall and a hazily pink sky floating above it...a simple breath-taking scenery all for my viewing pleasure. Before I could even fathom it, a thought popped up into my mind:

“There’s too much magenta in that” ??!!!


  1. prashANTH4:40 AM

    Hey first thing that came to my mind after readin the post was that 'acting boss come mediator'...hehe...what was tha...tiger with orange foliage with green font or somethin!!....ha ha sure ur sense of colour is better than his.
    And good job done madam. Liked the way u've brought the mountains and the sky into picture at the end....certainly adds colour to the coloured vision

  2. I paint a pretty picture...
    A pretty picture I do paint.
    But I fear a day will come,
    When the pretty picture will faint.

    Not really something to do with this entry of yours...but just some words that came to mind, one I thought it was bout time I left a comment. You seem to have gone back home, cause havent seen you online for a while now. And vanity requires me to ask you to go read.

  3. Prashanth: my faithful guardian angel never fails to leave a comment.. sweet :)incidentally, am working with another guy now... and well... lets not get into the tech probs there heh

    Roach: you sure have a knack for comng up with felicitous lines no matter what i write. wish i could have hat coz although i do read, to leave an apt comment isn't my forte :) and am very much here until the month ends

  4. in that case my dear...leave a totally inapt comment...i dont mind.
    as long as u leave one.

  5. Hey ther, ur job seems colorful ... mine is same but just with computers....Graphics :) c ya arnd

  6. hey

    u visited our blog the other day and left a comment ( So I thought I'd check out yours. Nice one there, this post. It makes you think that life's a lot of fun if you can identify it.

    Btw, you asked what age we guys would be to have such a 'refreshingly hilarious' view of things. May sound odd, but we're all 16-17 yrs old.

  7. hi again

    I publish the poems I like best
    from my own writings on my blog:
    So you could read them there. And do tell me what you think of them.

  8. Saumitra Dubey5:45 PM

    do you even know how to write??? Writing is not about what you did in your day... i seriously suggest you not to write anything until you come up with something substantial enough to write on...more than a blog it sounds like a description of your job and of your boss..seriously is that what you can write about. Blogging is not writing the first thing that comes to your mind.. please for the sake of sane readers just stop bloging

  9. dubey, whoever you are.

    Your comment simply indicates your state of mind that is bereft of sense and ethics. Dewdrop girl has a wonderful flair for writing, and you are in no place to tell anyone what 'writing' is all about.

  10. I agree with bloggermarauders.
    It is much better to read about someone's interesting job and the things that happen there rather than unsolicited critique of others' works.

  11. Saumitra4:43 PM

    it may appear 'unsolicited' to you impressionist... but as a matter of fact, i have known dewdrop long enough to gauge her abilities. and marauder.. whoever the FUCK you are .. if sense and ethics are related to such mundane things .. then yes i'm bereft of them and i'm happy to stay this way.. and a good piece of advice for you.. dont drop your stupid ass comments wherever you like kid.. you havent met me, you dont know me.. so dont 'comment' on me either. _|_

  12. well, how does it matter to me whether you know dewdrop or not? You made a comment and so did we. You sound like I or bloggermarauders dropped a bomb on you! Who's acting the kid?

    Relax man. It's just an article and a couple of comments. You don't like it, fine. We like it, equally fine. That's it.

  13. i leave this place unattended for a few days and it become an arena for verbal duels??!!!

    Impressionist, Marauder.. thanks a lot for defending me guys.. that was really sweet.. and i'm even more flattered by the fact that someone checks my blog so frequently.

    Saumitra.. lets tone down the profanities and watch our language.. get a grip kid

  14. my friends impressionist and blogger marauders(his display name is half moon fletcher) told abt this tussel going on wit this guy called saumitra dubey. so i decided to join the duel big time but since dewdrop has interfered, i dont see any reason pushing the issue further. anyways, really nice post dewdrop.

  15. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Hey dewdrop as usual good stuff! Guess who it is:) I thought wld leave offline msg but this seems better. Good news! See Mail to get it!
    If u guess who it is treat at R-Mall;) BYEEEEEEE

  16. hey ,
    i happen to be reading ur blog right from the starting, finding it a really colourful and cute. as for our identities, i will clear it out now.our blog was formed by all we friends for reasons quite obvious(saying things, pulling each others legs, etc etc). all of us r in class 12th studying in dps dwarka in new basically, there r 6 or 7 of us contributing to the blog. 1>Impressionist aka Abhinav. he is the shakespeare among us. u must have guessed it till now (btw,he loves himesh reshamiyya's songs...abhi, dont get irriatated plz!!)2>Half moon fletcher or Foaly aka Jyot - the self proclaimed perfectionist (not that it is bad. if only he remembered this everywhere.not only while analysing himesh reshamiya's songs) 3>Maximus (formerly artemis) aka rohil - thats me. i dont think its wise to say nething abt me. i ll leave this to others 4>Saksh aka saksham 5>matrix aka maitreyee(try n pronounce it) 6>sponz aka rishi and few others. saksh n matrix have not been blogging for a while now. matrix having her house getting refurnished. saksh busy in something, i dont wanna disclose.

    so that solves the identity crisis!! btw do tell us abt urself.soon. cya

  17. saumitra4:58 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.