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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Answer

Asking what enzyme England produces brought forth only one worthy answer.

K says: Dunno that but i guess the 'en'-gland should produce the 'en'-zyme


  1. hi dewdrop...

    how's life? been a long time hasn't it?

    i seriously don't understand some of ur recent posts :P.......

    so what're u up to these days.. we guys are all almost free with all exams done with and results out, and most of us set to join college...

    hope to hear from u soon


  2. id say 'englaise' (getit?? no? go learn french :@)
    (sorry not my best try..lemme think more)

  3. hahaha... no no... that was among the better answers.. the ones that came in anyway... :D That's TWO worthy answers then.. good going Mahi!!!!!

  4. @ Impressionist: Hey Abhinav!! really long time yeah...hope your exams went well... all the best for the admissions!!!

    My posts HAVE changed in nature.. just deviant thinking... hopeflly my normality will be restored :D

  5. Hehehe! That's food for thought! I think i need to sleep on this one... :)