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Thursday, February 07, 2008


To the lady distributing leaflets outside the station.
If that disdainful look and implicit refusal to hand me one were due to the colour of my skin, then shame on you. You looked older than I and you really should know better... impudence, rudeness, that's what you 'natives' term it, don't you??? I hope your precious kids fall madly and passionately in love with dark skinned people, marry them and you're forced to see your extended family at close quarters a whole lot.

To the lady at the book sale.
Granted it was for charity. Granted you wanted to bring in as much funds as possible and do your bit for a good cause. But was asking me rather testily 'Only one book?' really warranted?

To the gentleman who thanked me twice when I had lunch at his cafe.
You made my lunch hour pure joy! And that wrap you prepared for me was absolutely scrumptious :)

To all those people who distribute free newspapers in the city.
I hope my smiling and saying 'No, thank you' somewhat makes up for your being ignored by the million other people.

To the rather cute guy on the bus, one day.
You flattered me big time when you looked at me and looked like you'd spotted something pleasing :)

To the lady at the other cafe I lunch at.
Your omelette and fries rock! And you look simply beautiful! In fact I love the whole family there :)

To the gentleman who has the coffee shop at the station.
You familiar way of addressing all your regulars never fails to make me smile :)

To the lady at the ticket counter.
I really admire your patience. Thank you!

To the petite lady who is on the train with me sometimes.
You look so cute!

To the tall, gorgeous, poised woman on the train.
You're stunning!

To the handsome lad who takes the 7:22 with me everyday.
You're the highlight of my day!


  1. Missive

    To a girl who weaves dreams made up of dewdrops.
    Even if I am acknowledged that her words have a tendency to get lost into this clutter of virtual infinity, she says something I find worth pondering upon. Not that she seems hell bent on expressing something, but her thoughts carries a charm unexplained. Admittedly it might not sound as a ‘cool thing’ to say so.... but she is special. Her scribbling are my highlight of the week:)

  2. the city is wonderful isn't it :P

  3. haha... yeah... you gotta have your eyes open though... wait scratch that, sometimes the darn place gives me a sensory overload :P

  4. Grafx3:06 AM

    its so cool when people make up the happy parts of our day!!
    I love people watching.. then i get a whack from my husband coz i end up staring.

  5. LOL... I never get how it's okay for them to eye passing candy but not for us to give merely interested glances at mere characteristics we notice!!!

  6. :) i finally found time to read your blog. BTW, 7:22 is also the highlight of my day... LOVE YOU!

  7. :) Welcome back!! Or rather... 'Good Morning!" (Dew forms when... :P) Should tell you, I enjoy pouncing on you and scaring the daylights outta you...hehehehe... love you too!

  8. oh and BTW there are a few other videos on my blog!!

  9. Hey..

    I just stumbled upon your blog .. Found this entry very interesting :)