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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Vultures of soulcurry

'Play something for us'

Simple enough words. Yet, ominous and deep as the ocean. They don't mean much to the talker as such. But for the one to whom they're directed, they take on a world of meaning.

I'm a beginning violinist, learning western classical to be exact. As such, its a hard-to-play instrument. Your posture, hands, fingers.. everything has to be aligned just so otherwise it all goes kaput. Something so minor as moving your little finger can turn the melodious into the cacophonous. An yet, for all the hard work, its a soulful instrument, something as personal and cheerful as the best friend of your childhood. But to continue....

Its odd, I've been learning the basics for hardly a month and people assume that t means i can play something on it already. By 'play' they mean, playing something thats recognizable and melodious. Dream on!!!! On a violin???? The first two weeks are spent just learning to hold it properly, strum it and if you're staisfactory enough, pick up the bow and hold it in position. Play???? sure, i can play... by some twist, i had to rush through the basics and can actually fiddle a little... but thats it. But ho!!! there are these impossible ignoramuses who think i should easily be playing bach, mozart and the other masters by now... yeah rritee!!!!! The rare music enthusiast recognises the effot it takes and so, even twinkle twinkle little star is an achievement... but alas!!!! how many of those do you find???

'Play something for us'. Its not just that you're an amteur. How come no one asks you if you WANT to play??? Why the instant deification to "Oh!!! You'll join the orchestra yet!!!" In the matter of something being so personal, so close to your soul, something you're passionate about, how dare anyone think it an object of exhibiton??? How could anyone be so airheaded to think it a perform by request thing???

A friend of mine was telling of the casual way in which people tell her to 'Go try for the Indian Idol' beccause she sings well. Yeah... what about the fact that she doesnt want to display it?

There are those who will argue that those who request a performance are enthusiastic enouragers.... and just how many fall into that category pray???

'Play something for us.' No thank you, i'll send you a recording of it.


  1. well, that surely means, if i do happen to meet u ever, i am never gonna have a chance to listen to u play the violin..!!!

    ok, send me a recording of it !! ;)

  2. Hehehe... but then, maybe, you just might hear me play :) part of me craves praise too you know :)

    ok... that was onlt for those annoying buggers out there who cannot understand anythign about loving such art and request performances without being serious

  3. i wd luv to listn u playin it.
    i wd luv to bcoz one of my very good friend has learnt playin it.listnin to violin your spirit is calmed and you find yourself completely at peace.