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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Faded Memory

I hadn't actually thought this would happen... heck, I hadn't thought about it at all... but... after nearly three months in London and two months of vacation at home before that... I've totally forgotten how to make Maggi Noodles..I've forgotten all about what was the mainstay of my life not so very long ago... wonder what else has been affected like this


  1. Oh, you should try making boiled eggs for breakfast. I tried it once after 23 years. In a microwave. The door opened wide with a noise and the alarm went off in the hotel.

  2. heh, well we have at least tried cooking.. my neighbour downstairs set off the alram on the first day of PG hostel, early morning.. trying to make toast

    I also became 'Lord of the Flames' for a bit whne i was making potato chips.. water splashed into the hot oil, created a diadem of fire around and over the pan.. scorched the cabinets above.. and gave me a sting too

    And hey, 23 years before you boiled an egg??? how old ARE you?? and what were you DOING for 23 years?? Hatching 'em??? :D kidding

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  4. hey dewdrop girl
    i was looking for you on orkut
    couldnt find you
    look for me : Jyotaditya Singh
    I could tell you how to prepare maggi.

  5. Jyot: Thanks a bunch but i managed to mak Maggi after all :D and about Orkut, lets keep my identity a secret a little longer :)

    Phoenix: AT LAST!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

  6. well if u've forgetten, it hardly takes "2 MINS" to learn it all over again!!

    jus follow d instructions @ d bac.. shud'n be much of a prob :):)

  7. Akhilesh.. alas, the makers of Maggi are so convinced of its fame that they no longer print the directions.. oh well...

    On a serious note... dear comment leavers you're missing my point... Maggi is only so much a part of this

  8. :)

    Maybe you've just upgraded to better things!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my space...Take care n keep visiting!

  9. Trynna see if you can make a cup of coffee or not...If you cant, then its a good sign, dont worry :))

    And thanks for dropping by ma blog..and appreciating it too...its not a difficult thingy to host a blog, so will help you out once am outta here and back to ma home sweet home in Manchester :P


  10. Mirage: Now that attitude I like.. I rather think you're right mademoiselle :) Thanks for dropping by on my blog.. do keep visiting :)

    Arz000n: Mucho gracias senor :) well i did try to make coffee... it sucked, coz the coffe blends here suck :P Thanks fro dropping by... will appreciate any help in the hosting business :)