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Monday, January 08, 2007

A Dewdrop of Newness

Nearly a year after I started writing my blog, I have but 11 (12 counting this one) to show for my enthusiasm for writing, efforts and wealth of things to express.

11 posts.

I cannot think of anything more pathetic… specially since I’ve been bandying myself as a writer of sorts to whichever poor unassuming victim I can corner. So much for the writer then….

My options therefore are

a) Continue this blog with the pretentious ‘writer’ image I like to put forth and only put up posts which are good reads. OR
b) Write more often, even if it is only to report the kitchen being cleaned everyday by the appointed cleaner

The idea, of course, being that I do a crash course in ‘getting in touch with my inner being’ by examining them in this up-for-show manner… the essence of writing is but obviously that which comes from within. And who knows, my efforts might actually benefit me… like they helped Sam Bell in Ben Elton’s Inconcievable.

Here’s to a whole new beginning then… Here’s to the new sparkling Dewdrop.


  1. winger3:36 AM

    try and be yourself for a change, write when you want to, not because you'd want others to come and read stuff about your daily life. Let the words come out of your heart not the dictionary inside your head. :)

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself... I certainly intend to do that :)

  3. winger3:51 AM

    If you could have said that, then I wouldnt be writing what I wrote for you would be writing stuff which would be totally you. :)

  4. Like I said... I intend to put forth the real me... slowly perhaps... but I shall get there :)

  5. winger4:25 AM

    I sure would be waiting to read.:)

  6. And I hope the wait isn't too long... for my own sake :)