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Friday, January 26, 2007


24 January, 2007, Wednesday.

It snowed. It SNOWED!!!!!!!

For the first ever time in my life I saw snow up close at hand.... and it was everything that beautiful language ever described it as. Pure white... cold to touch, hardned up into a nice little blob in my hand, coated my glove with a fine layer of cold damp... and looked so beautiful!!!!

I woke up and tore my curtains aside when a friend told me it had snowed during the night... my window only gives me a view of the streets below and a scant corner of the park opposite our building... but even so.. I could see how everything had been transformed by a layer of white powdery snow. The trees looked like they should have at Christmas... people had left enough snow on their cars to get a feel of it while brushing off what hampered their driving. My housemate awoke all horrified and came running out only to have me tell her it snowed... it looked so awesome!!!!

Snow is weird actually.... it settles on vegetation like someone threw stuff in a food fight... but on the building roofs and other flat surfaces, it's like someone's very carefully and lovingly put it there flattening it with a spatula.. like decorating a christmas cake.

I saw a very funny and endearing sight at the bus stop... a couple was walking by with their chubby toddler strapped into his stroller... and I noticed there was a nice blob of snow on the blanket on his lap.... I was about to comment when I noticed how he was entranced by it... curiosity with rapt attention... floored me totally!!!! Made me wish rather wistfully I could've been a toddler... what a memory to have of snow :) of course, assuming that one was capable of having memories at that age.

I wish I could've played in the snow... had a snow fight, chucked snow balls and made someone shriek with cold and laughter.... be paid back.... sigh. It hasn't snowed since... but am still waiting :) Hopefully the next time I wil not be rushing to a class to spend an entire day cooped in while the snow slowly melts away... I shall be free enough to go roll about in the snow in the park... maybe with a dog to make things crazier :)

1 comment:

  1. Its snowing here right now as I type this comment...and its so freezing cold :((

    I always wished for snow when I was in India...lekin abhi meri halaat patli ho rahi hai :((