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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to Uhhhhhhhh

My friends in my halls of residence dropped in for an impromptu tea session and some conversation. It's late at night and somehow the conversation shifts to telling jokes.

My housemate N starts telling one about a non-verbal spiritual contest between a Tibetian monk and a man from Marrakech. It's that one about how one holds up one finger and the other responds with two.. etc etc... she's explaining it further..."So the monk explains that he held up one finger to indicate one god and his oppnent argued held up two to say..."

"............aaaahhhhh keep doing that, it feels so good"

My other housemate, whose foot I was massaging, interrupted at the wrong moment with that comment and needless to say.. the joke became quite something else then.

Further on, I remembered a similar joke I had read about a non-verbal contest between a sardar and the Pope. I was doing the explanation bit.. "The pope said..."

"I have dandruff in my hair"

That, was my friend J, warning my friend W to quit toying with her hair.

As you can guess, the joke now is that the tibetian monk asked the Marrakech guy to keep doing what he was doing, in a suggestive manner, no less, and the Pope has dandruff.


  1. looks like staying in my company is having the effect on you too..hahahaha

  2. hahaha! :P

    Conversations over 'cutting'... simply the besht! :D

  3. @Winger: You know what they say.... humour is found in odd places ;) :P

    @Mirage: welcome back!!! where've you been??? busy with your own 'cutting' sessions?? :)

  4. Hehehehe.......

    that was kinda funnny :)))