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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Married to work

The realisation that you're a workaholic can dawn upon you in really weird ways.

I was towelling my hair dry and thinking that it was March... and that my former neighbour's baby was due anytime soon... as I made a mental note to ask my mother about it... my mind unconsciously added two words that made the big difference... I was thinking of asking mum about my neighbour's due date... of publication.


  1. Yes, I agree...Been working a lot. But more than that, you are worked up! Let your towel dried hair down sometimes and go for a nice party. :)

  2. You need a vacation :P
    take advantage of easter holidays next month :)

  3. @Sonu: Very clever and apt comment... the best I've seen so far of concern and cleverness mingled :) The party shall happen soon... with my new waffle maker!!

    @Arz000n: Easter Hols??? Not happening... so not happening!!! I have more assignments lined up and well, no holidays.. heck am enjoying the brain activity :D All the best to you for your plans till August... hope to see you in between!!!

  4. I copy-edit in my sleep. Have also thought up beginnings for articles in my sleep, only to realise, when I wake up, that they're not as good as they seemed in my sleep.

  5. hehehe... well I remember copy-editing in my sleep as well.. or even reading manuscripts... there's no saying HOW work-obsessed one can get :P