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Friday, March 16, 2007

And So I Grew Up

It's a rite of passage. Every girl goes through it at some point. And while I had contemplated that I would have to as well, in the back of my mind it was always somewhere in the future... certainly not a part of my present plans. But I did it today. It's not a big deal they'd say... there are girls who've been indulging for ages now... much younger than I they are too... so I just went along with it. I wasn't sure of my feelings when it was happening... and now that it's over... I still am not sure what I feel or if I shall do it again.... but it's done and it's a part of me becoming womanly.

I got my eyebrows tweezed today for the first time.


  1. Hi... yeah, we've kinda disappeared.. because we've got our board exams, all of us. Also, i don't think any one of us will be able to blog for a while now, cos most of us have competition exams to sit for. But after all that is over, we'll definitely revive everything.

    thanks for the wishes.

  2. Naah, the real torture starts when you actually get them waxed, which is the way it's done in Amrika. Ever gotten your underarms done? It's infintely worse...

  3. Impressionist: All the best!! I hope you all do really well and find colleges of your choice!!

    Ruta: Did I sound extremely... let's say.. 'young'?? been there done that.. I've had my share of beautifying nonsense... it's just that I have never bothered with anything on my face.. no facials etc.. :) wax on your face?? ugh!!! thanks I prefer the tweezers.. even the threading technique from India seems scary now!!

  4. One word: Ouch!

    Although us guys would prefer you did it, y'know..just so you don't end up looking like us.

  5. yeah I know... trappings of a male chauvinistic society and further such gobbleddygook... just that I know for a fact that I looked fab even without tweezing me eyebrows ;)