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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Priceless quotes

My classmate M was discussing some coursework prep with me and we were entering class where the visiting lecturer was standing.. and here's what she announced rather loudly:

"I've forgotten how to use Powerpoint... it's forgettable.. it's not like something you never forget, like swimming or driving or making out!"


  1. :)... cant be said more aptly than that!!!

  2. Are you talking of powerpoint or making out????

  3. whichever way you look at it... the vista doesnt matter if all look in the same direction...its all abt where your eyes are...the inclination of neck and 5 pegs of Jack Daniels...all seems the same then..

  4. you do realise that perspectives differ?? after 5 JDs... one will be crooning sweet nothings and another cursing?? and here I was thinking it's the way peoples' hearts are inclined that matters ;)

  5. hearts?? does anyone you knw of knows whats that they want for sure?? my dear lady, the heart rarely ever had a single angle of inclination... as the great winger says...

    look inside your heart
    there is nothing that matters
    after all a diamond shines
    for all the light it scatters

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  7. perhaps not, but...

    Just as the light it reflects
    fallen on its facets
    does a heart give away
    love as it begets

  8. a war of the words?? i like it lady!!

    diamonds always shine
    in the light, any hour any time
    but try as you may
    heart doesnt beat the same everyday

  9. :) true...

    But diamonds shine
    As long as there's light
    While hearts beat all along
    Through the darkest night

  10. just like peace and war
    can never be paired
    a diamond and a heart
    can never be compared.... sucks but i had to tell you that!!

  11. damn you Winger... had to burst my bubble :P oh well, diamonds are but hard and cold... hearts are made of mushier stuff :) and I completely agree with you, they can never be compared :) Look where you got us... we were talking of mundane things as making out and here you start a verbal duel and what not!!! talk about the art of conversation!! :)

  12. conversation is after all a dream and all the more beautiful if it is with a person who is a personification of a dewdrop...

  13. Winger, my pal, you suck at flattery :P if you must, try when you're really upto it and not in your moods.. good luck ;)