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Friday, September 28, 2007

Dear God

Dear God,

What are you, ten years old???!!! Granted I questioned your sanity when creating women coz I was PMSing (THAT too is your fault don't blame ME) but I don't usually take the view most people do of you, that of you being a vindictive entity who damns people to hell for life (whatever THAt means) but this is really the limit.

What was the big idea of having me locked out of the room soon as I had the very thought?? huh?? You've got nothing to achieve by acting childish... try it again and I'll be speaking to you mother...hmpfh! Grow up!!!


  1. drop down dew from above......

    have a nice day

  2. Hahahahaha!!

    Gosh I havent laughed so much in the longest time!

    God must be chuckling too! He can be very mischievous if he wants to!

  3. i like the way u spoke your mind..n well he must be enjoying it as well.

  4. he should be speaking about it to his mother after all MOST men are mumma's boys. thus, this will work... :)