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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madness Cinema Style

Guga wanted to go for a movie with Vroom. And given that her mum would react in typical Indian motherly fashion by objecting to Guga's going out with a boy, Guga asked me for advice... rather, asked me for an excuse to present to her mum so she could go for the movie. Between us and after much brain racking, we still hadn't managed to come up with anything acceptable. It's amazing what that piece of muscle called the brain can dish out when you're least expecting it. Here's what I told Guga:

A: Ok here's an idea... on Friday... leave a note at your place...

G: Note?? What.. what the.. what??!!!!#$%^^%$#

A: ... saying you've run away from home. Go watch the movie when they're going crazy trying to hunt you down and come home later saying you missed home.

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