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Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Takes Several Colours to Make the Water Blue

My grouchy mood continues... but between the two Leos I know... I should be alright soon. One persists in asking 'Are you ok??? If you're so grumpy for so long then it means there are issues you have and you need to think and sort them' and the other tells me to
'be calm
and feel happy
unless you are happy
you cant keep others happy'

I can't possibly screw up too much when am being watched and kept from falling like this. Anyhoo, onto other things... there has been much in the last week that has deviated from the groucho show.

I had my blonde moments when firstly I ate paper... it was the dark brown casing on the chocolates that a colleague brought back from his trip... it looked So like one of those dark chocolate covered thingies... I could hardly have known it was friggin PAPER!!!

And THEN I went and had another blonde moment... cursing Indesign for not typing in caps when told to... only to have the boss ask if my caps lock was on... and then discovering it was. He had a good laugh at me... but given his own incidence of stubbing his fingers while trying to close the cap on his pen, we've settled score :P

Then there was google. On its best days, Google is God. This wasn't a good day for it though. I was searching for the city's largest PO and google cleverly returned a search asking me if I was searching for the city's largest POO. I didn't bother envisaging that... but I'm thinking now that perhaps I should have clicked and seen that set of results.

I also had a moment of weird imagination. I was reading about the new French president and his very public affair with a lady of radically opposite political views and in commenting on something the article said, I ended up having the boss explain political ideologies to me. Informative and something I'd wanted to know for long... but here's what it led to. The boss was saying how being Leftist and Rightist arose from some weird conception of the political landscape stretching out on a straight line from left to right, with Communism on the left and Monarchy on the right. And then he said that these days it was common for politicians to sit somewhere in the middle purely to win votes.

And I suddenly had this vision of those sitting in the middle swelling in numbers and thus weighing down the line till they brought it crashing down with the left and right sides hitting the roof hence uniting the two radical sides... we'd still have a stright line then... but a damn interesting mix of ideas I'd say... maybe it would finally mean the world had a measure of peace.

Lastly, visiting D over the weekend proved to be a very good thing. It was the one time in the whole week that I wasn't sour. Movies, conversation and good food were good reason. And then of course there was D's intuition like friends are wont to have... My exclamation on seeing an actor I happen to be hopelessly partial to produced a 'I was waiting for that reaction' reaction from D. Ah I just LOVE the way she does that :D

But the highlight of this entire week was something that didn't even happen to me. D's partner has had to go back home since there was a death in the family. And happening to call him, she was talking to his family. Her partner's father came on the phone and what he said shall always remain with me. He said 'Thank you for sending him over'

In a society where women are frequently treated as the property of the family they marry into, where they most often don't receive the smallest acknowledgement of their efforts let alone appreciation, where leaving behind everything you've ever known and having to quickly adjust and adopt to a new life are the norm, where things are merely expected of you without any hope of thanks, this is the biggest gesture of goodness that I can conceive. It's amazing really... that out of all of them there, only one person could think of what D must be going through, not having her partner with her at a time when she really needs him around and thanking her for doing what would be considered her bounden duty. It's amazing that there are people who can imagine their sons as belonging to their partners and having lives that demand other things of them instead of centering around just the boy's family.

As D marvelled 'He was half asleep!!! And that was the first thing he said to me!!! No one else thought anything of it but he actually thanked me!!'

I don't have words enough to wish well for that gentleman... may they never ever go extinct!


  1. Quite an inedible week it was, wasnt it? Paper, poo etc...

    Anyway something sort of... resurfaces the questions i always had in me. When i was young i use to shudder being a listener in 'boys discussions' which would touch issues of marriage and girls. I somehow felt so guilty for being a male just because i thought women sacrifice so much in life. Also thinking how much my mom gave in her life i felt worse. Upon asking my male friends of this unfairly system I used to get responses as if they were dragon slayers in their previous life thus receiving the golden laurel of being male in this one. Lines such as "I dont know about fair unfair but i would make sure to keep my wife happy" were evident that i will never get the answer i was looking for. Years passed telling me some facts such as differences between male and female natural instincts. I knew that male is supposedly a hunter and female a family care taker. But something was surely not right. Dont mind me asking this Anya, I have the deepest respect for women, but dont you think being a girl in this society is way too topsy turvy of a role to play??? Or is it my narrow mindedness that is making a galaxy out of toy star??

  2. If by 'topsy-turvy' you mean complicated... it sure as hell is.

  3. Wow! Somehow my guess-0-meter was high on that. Anyway best of luck being...uh...topsy-turvy-esque complicated girl:)