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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Reason

I think I know why God made me a human being.
Had I been any other creature I'd have given in to laziness and preferred to stay home snug rather than brave the cold and go out to hunt for food. And then I'd die of starvation.


  1. Go forth my human friend, go and conquer your rights of co-existence and fulfil your duties of a living being. While know...just lay around, legs propped up on my cozy sofa playing video games sipping up on hot coffee and cursing politicians and global warming...
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY LAZY MORON??? Who do you think I am, an animal??

  2. Hi Dew :)

    Sorry for the late reply.. I found an online version of Canal Control ... called Pipe Dream. It's pretty much the same game.. For Canal Control on our mobile, you probably have to download it.. Will look around and let you know ... Hope this keepys you occupied for a bit :)You can play it for free at

    BTW, I love Boomshine! Damn addictive :)