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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I faced a sensory overload the first time I saw you. Before I did actually see you, I had dreamt up fantastic visions of several versions of bliss and anticipation was the reigning feeling here.

What I appeared to you like, I shall never know... but then again, new people are nothing new to you really. I guess I did somewhat feel we would get along quite well... that you would treat me with kindness if not actually welcome me...

Looking back, it hasn't been that long really. And yet, it feels like forever. In a good way. You did make me feel comfortable, welcome and have been kind to me... I have loved every minute that we have had together. With you, I think I have finally found my bearings and my feet have found ground, my dreams have taken wings to approachable skies, I seem to have found that inner scrap I was trying to locate frantically... with you, I have found definition.

You've seen at my best, and my worst... you've given me the gift of widening horizons and of wonderful friends I would not have found if not for you. Of sparkling nights, snowy mornings, summer evenings that last long and appreciation from quarters I never knew existed have I been blessed. We did have our sad moments too... but far be it from me to blame those on you.

Our association has been the high point of my life and I shall forever remember it as such.

I must part from you now though. I have loved you and you have made me feel loved in return... but you cannot claim me as yours; you never will. I belong to another and that is how it shall always be. I must leave you to return to the one who claims me but I shall be back. I have a presentiment that this hiatus shall be the end of things as we have known and much shall have changed when I am back. I'm hoping that whatever happens, we'll take it in our stride and make something beautiful of it... because that is what we do. I shall miss you though.

London, you have been amazing.

Here's to you... here's to us.


  1. It might have been beautiful, haven't it?? No matter how much our past could be vulnerable to critisism, when humans divide land they surely tend to leave behind beautiful varied worlds don't they. Hope someday I would also
    be able to reach out to such places. Places which are stuck to my intangible dreams, the empty hollow call 'television' created.

    Well Anya, like they say, a person never places leaves in May...
    Oops! Sorry for the loss in translation.Actually I was choked by the emotions you stirred. What I meant was, a person may leave the place but the place never leaves the person:)

    Hey Anya tell me the truth, I babble too much don't I?? I mean getting on your nerves and
    irritating you by eating up your comment boxes to the T...

  2. sigh1 that's beautiful!

  3. Hi Dew,

    That was breathtakingly lovely! Where are you off to? Quite a stirring piece :)


  4. Cousin Avi, "Get your toothbrush, we are going to london"

    First Man," London??"
    Cousin Avi, "Yes London"
    Second Man," London??"
    Cousin Avi, "Yes London"
    Third Man,"London??"
    Cousin Avi,"Yes London, you know fish and chips london, bad weather worse language london, mary fuckin poppins London? LONDON you tits"

    :D :D :D :D


    but i'm afraid as well cos i know similar to all relationships, this honeymoon period would be over too.. and then all we'd do is search for a new place..

    Geneva is a great place too.. game?? :D

  5. Zephyr: Hmm.

    Chandni: Thanks! I enjoy reading what you write :)

    Impulsively me: Thank you! I'm coming back home to India for a short but long-over due visit, actually :)

    Winger: WINGER!!!! HIIIIII!!! hehehehe...
    Geneva? am I game???
    A quote for a quote here:
    "the answer is a sincere, emphatic 100%definitiveneverbeenso-sureofanythinginmylifeunequivocal... yes." :D

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  7. time to brush up on swiss-german and french then!!!

  8. new people are nothing new to you really.

    that's a lovely line, just wanted to add that!

  9. Hi Dew,

    I thought you were back... Where's your post? :)

  10. Waiting for a new dawn of the day Anya!