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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Tag on my Bag

This happens to be my first ever tag in about two and a quarter years of blogging and was passed on to my by the lovely lady of moonlight. I intended to write about the bag I used earlier, a classy deep pink Hidesign one that had been my graduation present, but since I've changed over to a different one now, I'll go with the new one. It's 'cognac brown', from Esprit, has three main pockets and plenty of hidden ones in the central one and looks ever so chic when I get to carry it rather than slinging it over my shoulder. And while the contents do vary day to day, here's what it mostly contains:

  • Wallet, with more receipts in it than money, several cards... credit, debit, calling card, loyalty cards, membership cards, a little bit of change (usually in 1p or 2p denominations :P).

  • The plastic bag containing my recently acquired make-up stuff (Moisturiser, foundation, eye-liner, two eyeshadows which double up as blushers, kajal, bright-red lip gloss, mascara)... since I've never used make-up before this, am yet to acquire anything to hold the make-up.

  • Lunch dabba, fruit, piece of cake, whatever delicacy I might've packed for the day.

  • Travelcards, Oyster, office keys, Railcard on one side

  • House keys and umbrella on the other side.

  • Occasionally my rather new camera since I believe photographic moments can happen any time and I need to be prepared.

Other bags I carry when I get bored are the purple & lilac rucksack I've had for about four years now, the pink graduation bag I mentioned earlier and a slightly big grey one which I use if I'm staying over somewhere and need to carry clothes. Which do I like best? All of them, but I'm not an accessory fanatic so it doesn't matter about the kind of bag I have long as it suits my purposes.

My dentist, whom I've known for a good 12 years now, recently reminisced about the first few months when I used to visit her... she particularly remembered that I always carried a tiny purse, cartoon motif adorned, in which I stuffed prescriptions, money, x-rays and stuff... I guess I've always been someone who cannot leave home with empty hands, my bag is like an anchor to me, without it I feel lost.


  1. Yeah!!! I DID it! I did it.
    I found out what exactly there is in a girls purse after years of grueling wait...
    ...wait a sec, those were obvious things, weren’t they?

  2. hmmm..that means urs is big too!!!

    even my big bag doesnt have space to carry the lunch dabba!!!

  3. Zephyr: What? Don't you have sisters, cousins, female friends or girlfirends to find out these things from???!!! And DUH what extraordinary stuff were you expecting to emerge from my bag?

    Chandni: Oh yeah, I upgraded to a bigger one :) Not so much for the dabba as for the camera :D

  4. Heyyy :)

    I missed your comeback post.. Better late than never, though :)

    I am never satisfied with any purse I have .. Never seem to find anything without ripping open all the zips ! :D


  5. Ankita11:57 AM

    heyy dewdrop, nice post…wud also love to see pictures of ur bags...I had a deep pink hidesign bag too…currently got one of the same brand, looks great n its much bigger to fit in all my necessary stuff…its dark brown, croc leather, think its called ‘munch’,, too bad I cant post a picture :-(...cyaa