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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Fingers Fly, the Notes Go High... Inwardly I Sigh

I started violin lessons today, again. After a two year hiatus that is.

It was nice to remember a little bit and thus not plague my tutor too much... but I'd forgotten how hard it is to get a grip on things. It is honestly very difficult, uphill work... keeping the violin balanced, making sure my neck doesn't crick and my wrist doesn't hit the fingerboard or my elbow gets wonky, having to hold the bow just so while my fingers absolutely refuse to mold how they're needed to, and when I get THAT right, actually trying to play notes, and if all that were not enough... having to look at the notes, interpret them, keep time and then play while squinting so I play on the right strings. Whew! But I shall do this and I shall do this well, goddammitt!!!

Beyond all that... my tutor happens to be a mere itsy bitsy, just-turned-twenty-something lass, has been playing for 8 years and is still in college, has her whole life ahead of her with a postgraduation being a distant curve in the road... and she makes me feel OLD! I don't know when it happened that the quite hep me became the 'trying to be hep with her fancy phone with plugged in earphones and ultra short haircut that makes her look weirdly cool but definitely old' me... sigh.


  1. I HAVE A ULTROCIOUS BRILLIANT IDEA!! We can start our own ROCKBAND! Yeah baby, you with your violin and I on my guitar! We shall name it ‘DewDropIllusions’. Alright but before all this glory I need you to arrange a meet for me with that tutor of yours!!!

  2. Pray, what word is 'ultrocious'? Brill idea about the band except for the distance and the fact that I already am part of one :)

  3. I felt the same, but the learning process is quicker the second time :) What's the name of your band?

  4. That's amazing. I admire people who plays any instrument. I tried my hand at the guitar and failed miserably.

    Hope you don't stop it this time.

  5. Impulsively me: I actually am learning faster this time!! The band is yet to be christened but it'll happen in good time :) Do you have any pieces to recommend for me to play at some point?

    Arunima: Thanks!! II guess persistence is the key here... maybe you ought to try your hand at the guitar again!

  6. Hey Dew,

    My friend, M, who will be in London soon says she would love to catch up with you :) I'll introduce you two over email..

    Can you mail me at
    an . impulsive . me
    Without the spaces? I am on Gmail :)

    I learn from the book by WM.C.Honeyman. My favourites are Morris Dance and Home, Sweet Home :) There is a lovely rendition of Morris Dance on YouTube as well.