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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the speed of thought

Bliss is the first lick of chocolate-topped cappucino froth in the morning.

Can three years really be defined as a 'long time' to have been in a relationship? It seems reasonably long but not something that should make people go 'Wow how did you stick that long?!'. Isn't that more five-years or seven-years and more sort of thing? I dislike the committment-phobic, non-stick trend that is rampant these days. Whatever happened to longevity and forever-after? Actually, fuhggedit. I needn't care about what other people do.

Committment-phobes. Or 'rubber-bands' as some of them are want to be. I thought it's easy to spot them since they do follow a pattern. But drawing the line between hanging on because there is hope and they will change and cutting-loose because it's not going to change... man, that's a bloody tight-rope walk. Last word? Shouldn't keep someone hanging.

Just in case you're thinking this relates to me, it doesn't. It's stuff the papers have been full of lately.

Friends who are getting hitched? Get done with it already!

'He's not a monster'. Really?! $*&*&$$()()*&^%%$$"£%$£%$£$£$£!!!!!

Torn between ridiculing and treating it with contempt.


  1. I'm curious. What's the pattern like?
    What's a rubber band? :P
    Why have you started with chocolate laden bliss and near-ended with Fritzl? :P

  2. I was passing by and had to take...well, a double take at your blog. Love the creativity in the aesthetics. Makes me feel like doing something intellectual and sentimental at the same time...

  3. yeah.. 3 years is a long... very long time for a casual rship.

    as my aunt said, "u ppl are a non-stick generation. you want everything from ur cooking utensils to ur rships to be non-stick."

    and i really don't u'stand WHY that last bit is even considered news. it would be more of news matter to me if she takes it and fails! yeah... that would be fun! :D

  4. That English Language thing is funny. As Rayshma says, its funnier if she fails.

    That Austrian thing.....yaaa he's no monster. He is An angel. A savior.

    About friends getting hitched, N and I were friends before we "committed". And I made him wait for like 8 months before yessing....

  5. i wonder what her sun sign is...she sounds so much like my pardner!

  6. Non-stick generation! hahahaa

  7. Aditya: Well... they can never make up their minds. And that's all there is to the pattern. Doesn't matter if they've been with one person for ages and still don't know if this is it for them, keep cheating on their partner every now and then, date and dump quickly and see-saw between two people in the middle of a relationship or just plain keep running from it all. 'Rubber-band' would those specimens who one minute are all over someone and next minute have run away... and the come back... rinse and repeat.

    I just creamed off the top layer of my thought-cappucino and presented it here :P

    Preeti Sharma: Why, thank you! And welcome! If you mean the template... yeah that's exactly how it makes ME feel :)

    Rayshma: That's the part I don't get. How can a three-year old relationship still be casual? Just me though, never mind :)

    And the non-stick bit was actually that same quote I was using :D

    And the last bit, I felt exactly that way about it :D

    La vida Loca: Ya man, totally.

    And of course he isn't a monster! We should build him a temple and offer virgins as a sacrifice to him. Naturally.

    And I rather meant friends of mine who are getting hitched, not people who've been friends and are getting hitched. I'm getting bored of weddings being announced... just wish they'd all get done with them :D

    Flygye12: Errmmm... who?

    Pitu: Ya, but it's true!

  8. no no.. not just you. me too.
    i've never u'stood them. one such person had told me "oh, we didn't realize it had been that long!"
    well.. okkk...!
    to each their own, i guess.

  9. I can't figure out the hop-skip-jump and it's over trend in relationships either. What do you get out of such relationships? Entertainment?

  10. Maybe people wonder how you stuck around that long because they don't realize that you are with your soulmate. THey have never experienced it to know that its not a lot of effort then. Or maybe they are just jealous that you are better at it than them :)