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Monday, March 30, 2009

One Evening

"Look at what you've done! It's done for!!!! I had it all going so perfectly and now that's gone! GONE! Can't have it back now. Oh dear god!"

She sat there looking at him calmly while he burst out like that, studying him, not feeling indignant, defensive or angry in the least. For the briefest moment she tried to imagine what it was like for him and then gave up because it was out of the reach of her fathoming, of even her rather ample imaginative and cognitive powers.

While he stood there, his face a mix of equal parts of exasperation, panic, loss, anxiety, bewilderment, amazement and wonder.

Still looking over at him calmly, she said "Yes."

"What's that?" he asked her unable to at once apprehend. And then went from looking puzzled to rather relieved to sheepish and finally embarassed as he said "Sorry dear, it came to me all at once and I guess it still hasn't quite sunk in but I assure you, I fully intended to ask you properly. Will you do me the honour of marrying me?"

Not too long later.

She: "We really should get going or we'll be late."

He: "Oh yeah. What did you say we were going to see, again?"

"The Taming of the Shrew". Heh


  1. Are congrats in the order Ms. DDD?

    Still this is good!

  2. so, he was tamed? :-)

  3. ermm... I didn't understand?!

    But, the story is good... :D

    who was tamed? :)

  4. Very intriguing! Lot's of room for speculation about what she had actually gone and done. Here's a few ears of corn that I came up with:

    1. He happened to chance upon her, happening to chance upon the ring he had inadequately hidden.

    2. She found out some other way (friends probably) and couldn't resist telling him that she knew.

    3. She had a sudden bout of amnesia and totally forgot about their outing and scheduled a visit for her chihuahua to the vet instead. Upon his arrival, he was given the option to either accompany her there or sit it out at home :P.

    Am I getting warm here?? :P

    Excellent post!! :)

  5. I second Pixie... and Loca and Galadriel too.

    In short, this is a non-comment.

  6. is this what they refer to as "the tables have turned"?

    me like.

  7. My best guesses were the same as suggested by 'someone' (points 1 and 2).
    Men tend to be utterly careless (read lazy) when it comes to planning surprises (or is it that women smell a fishy-rat all too soon?), and then end up looking sheepish when their so-called secrets turn out to be dead give-aways. That's what mine does!

  8. hein? the comments confused me. :) hehe

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar,

    IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously. (I have even decided what I'm going to wear! :D)


  11. Ho..ho..ho so do we have a happy ending?

  12. La vida Loca: Thank you! And no, not yet! :)

    Arunima: Well, considering he was giving up his wild bachelor ways and committing himself to marriage despite never having wanted to, I'd like to assume he was!

    Roy: :D Welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

    Pixie: Oh dear! Not as effective as I thought it was then. Okay, so, this chap has gone to propose but ends up ranting at first because he realises what he's giving up. The woman though reads into his rant and says yes. And only then does the guy realise he hasn't actually popped the question. And he was tamed! It alludes to his giving up his wild bachelor ways and his 'will never marry' resolve to finally commit to this girl. Sari na?

    AI Walling: Thank you very much! Sorry, but I don't recollect if I've seen you here before or not... but welcome!

    Someone: I'm glad you think so! And I hadn't realised it was that open to interpretation! Good guesswork but none of those match. It's more of a 'guy goes to propose, ends up giving a panicky scared rant, woman reads into it and gives him the answer and THEN he realises he's yet to ask' scenario. The outing was just another point to illustrate just how much our hero had changed.

    And... Chihuahua?! My heroines are not the sort that have Chihuahuas!!! They're more the Husky/ Alaskan Malamute/ Border Collie/ Labrador Retriver types :) Perhaps even a coal-black steed!

    And thank you! The praise is much appreciated!

    Galadriel: Says the girl who's been incommunicado for days! G, G, THIS is what it takes to get your attention?! I'd have posted this sooner had I known :D

    Amey: Well, they have their answers so I guess you do as well. And no I am not getting married! Yet.

    Catty: Muah!! thank you... ermm... yes I suppose it could be referred to as the tables being turned.

    Thought Bubbles: Haha! Well no... it would have been a suprise if not for the fact that our hero momentarily forgets about it! And I do agree... men can be careless about hiding surprises... on the othe hand, womanly intuition is a dangerous tool when wielded around such simpletons :D

    Purnima: Hehe! Yeah there is much speculation rife here. Just read the post in itself and tell me what you think.

    Anna Bond: errr... about?!

    M: Oh I don't know :P 'sides, I am supposed to be giving you company :D

    Solilo: I'd like to think it's more of a happy beginning, actually.

  13. Anonymous12:59 AM

    wow! 16 comments and i didn't need to increase comment-count!
    good going gurl! :0)
    - catty.
    p.s.: yeah, it IS me.. just bored to login now...

  14. yea.. Sari... :)
    read it again after reading the explanation - understood it better.

    This just shows that either the post was written really really well or I was a bit dense yesterday while reading it! :P

    (and after reading all the comments, it just shows that you have writeen it really well... admiration jassthi aayithu. Will stop now! :P)

  15. I knew it :P. I threw in the chihuahua precisely to get your goat! Seems it has worked quite well!


  16. Catty: The things you do for me! :D muah!

    Pixie: :D No no, probably my inability to be rticulate, ashte. And thanks *blush*

    Someone: Gah! It appears I am not actually as mysterious as I like to think I am :P I'm beginning to wonder if you might be in cahoots with my brothers :D

  17. No need to sprout a conspiracy theory here. I can read and infer. That's all :).

  18. Mind nai karneka, that was a lame attempt on my part at humour :| I will now admire your powers of deduction :D