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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Surely it's an omen

That the g20 talks are happening on April Fool's Day?

I hear that this one day is costing taxpayers 21 million pounds. I'm not happy with my hard earned money being squandered on people who've mucked up the way they have. Hmpfh. Hopefully ze economy shall steady soon.


  1. awesome observation! however I'd give it a year atleast.

  2. Vaudevillian: Hey you! Haven't seen you around for some time... how've you been?

    Roy: Oh I'm sure other people noticed it before I did. And a year sounds reasonable... can't really expect overnight results in such cases anyway.

  3. good thanks! just survivin, battling between acedemic commitments and procrastination;

    early summers takin its toll man