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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Marshmallows... mmmmmmmmmmmm. I love them. Soft and squishy and just sweet enough. If they were a gender stereotype they'd be girls. I wonder if that's why none of my brothers took to them as I did. In fact, I haven't met any men who like marshmallows. Or at least confess to liking them. Would I want to meet them? Maybe not. I wouldn't have to share then :

Came home from work dog-tired and not wanting to cook. Which is saying something because some evenings I come home and spend a great deal of time cooking. Today all I did was sit like a lump and wish wistfully that a plate of food, good tasty food, would appear before me by magic. I wouldn't even have minded if a pair of hands had brought it to me. Instead, I tortured myself by going through the recipes section on the Guardian and drooling with tired eyes while my tummy sent up feeble protests at such inhumanity. I was obliged to give it some pasta finally to shut it up.

The Magnolias are in bloom! And Cherry Blossoms! They look so pretty! Soon the Roses will be here, vibrant, glossy-petalled, huge.

The boss recommends, and I recommend in turn, Marillion! I really loved their sound, go listen to them!


  1. Evs likes marshmellows and I can't really stand them lol :D

    Only toasted really :)

    Know the feeling of being too tired to cook lol....

  2. Kids like marshmallows, irrespective of gender.

    And on such evenings, I praise god for inventing the restaurants with Free Home Delivery.

  3. Silvara: He does?! :D That's one then :D Do you have quick-fix recipes for too-tired-to-cook days?

    Amey: My bhais definitely do not fall into that category. They avoided marshmallows like they'd avoid pink shoes.

    And I am not one for take-away/eating-out unless it is to save someone else the effort of cooking. If I'm on my own I'd rather go to bed hungry than eat ghastly take-out. Which means I usually end up making food half-heartedly when tired.

  4. vin likes marshmallows. in hot chocolate. sometimes! :D

    domestic goddess was on leave?

  5. I know... I hope for the same thing... and sometimes, the husband hears it loud and clear! :P
    That website is blocked at work...

  6. I browse through food porn sometimes when I am too tired to cook. The point is at the end I am left hungry enough to relish even instant noodles :)