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Thursday, April 02, 2009


He awoke from deep slumber. Something had disturbed him. Groggy and in the state between sleep and wakefulness, his brain managed to convince itself that sleep was the way go. And in the split second before sleep was actually attained, whatever woke him up returned.

A sound. That was what it had been.

He was awake now, heart hammering away, head throbbing, panic sending cold waves all over his body. He kept his eyes closed.

It was getting louder now. He could sense the ground thumping beneath him. He was afraid.

Louder still.

He began to tremble. Eyes squeezed shut and terrified into immobility, all he could do was listen as it came nearer and nearer and nearer. Heavy, hard-hitting, thunderous. It sounded like a stampede. Or a herd of elephants. Stampeding elephants. Much louder.

What was he going to do? He could get trodden on by these creatures and be dead in no time! And him so young! He did not want to die! There was so much he wanted to do, so many things not done yet! If he did get out of this okay, he would do it all. He would travel the world! Work harder! Take up a hobby! He would be a better, sensitive, caring, giving person. He would be a loving son and brother. He would not be such a pain-in-the-arse boyfriend. He would propose to her the very next day! Have a big wedding! A wonderful honeymoon! Have kids! Give to charity. Do social work. In fact, the first thing he'd do if he got out alive was visit god in his house and pray and show his gratefulness.

Rumbling like frightening thunder, the sound was upon him now. No use. He'd be dead any second now. He opened his mouth to scream...

The rush of commuters from the first train of the day walked out of the station without sparing a second glance for the drunk young man lying in a heap outside the station moaning softly.


  1. good one!

    4-in-a-day... i'm impressed!
    pat on the back for this one, tho... ;)

  2. Good ending... I was thinking of this one till almost the last para:

  3. good write-up DDD...Im so hopeless with story writing :)


  4. good one! nice unexpected ending...

  5. Simply Awesome.

    De-lurking here.. was reading on the sly since a long time. :)

  6. creepily bootiful! I loved it.

  7. Nice!

    I would definitely pay to buy a book of such short stories of yours.

  8. oh i can so picture this happening in london. :(

    nicely done.

  9. Yeah those damn commuters should learn to be quiet *goes back to being sleepy, drunken heap on platform*

  10. heh. very precise.

    on a related note,

  11. Catty: :D If it were 5-a-day I'd be so healthy no? :P And you know how much that pat means to me :)

    Someone: :)

    La vida Loca: Thank you! :)

    Amey: Hehe. I know a lot of people who could use that thing... pretty cool it is.

    Amal Bose: Thank you... and welcome :)

    Keshi: Thanks babe! And you're not hopeless at all, your narrative style has a lot of fans! :)

    Anu: Thanks, Anu :)

    Pixie: Thanks babe!

    Alice-in-wonder: Thank you very much! Glad you delurked, flattered to know you've been readin for long! :) Welcome!

    Purnima: Glad you did, thank you :)

    AlwaysHappyKya: Wow that is high praise! Thanks ya :)

    Roop: Oh definitely... London's so the scene for drunk young heaps outside stations! :) Glad you think it's good!

    Ashish: I try, I try! I swear! It's those damn heels I tell you! :D

    Vaudevillian: Hehe. Thank you very much for the article... I'm going through it and it's very interesting!

  12. Check out the site too. Makes me want to be a geek ;)

    Does that make me a geek?

  13. Hey girl, one major news update from me. Shamelessly asking you to go see ! :)

  14. Nice one baby....I kept thinking of Madhavan from Mumbai Meri Jaan; until the end that it.

  15. Looks like a scene from a thriller movie... interesting...

  16. Amey: Does wanting to be married to Monica Nelluci make you her husband automatically? :D Just how badly do you want to be a geek is my next question.

    AlwaysHappyKya: Now isn't that the best thing ever!

    Never Mind!: hey! Good to see you here! Haven't watched the movie... do you recommend it?

    Roy: Thank you! *bows*

    Soulmate: Glad you think so, and welcome to my blog! :)

  17. Very well written. Loved the ending !

  18. LOL.
    Full sympathies with the drunkard. I've gone into panic attacks at the mumbai local stations too when i first moved here from delhi!!