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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One Night in Every Call Centre

This is not a book review.
This is more an enthusiastic recommendation urging you to buy the book NOW. You know, like one of those things one of your friends might tell you to do: "Oh you MUST!!! It's so brilliant!! Go get it NOW!!! Now, now, now, now!!!!"

Let me tell you about the book! It's a bit like reading Chicken Soup for the Soul — which is to say, it's a bunch of short stories narrating incidents. But there the similarity ends. There's no mushy, fluffy stuff in there. Instead, in a very entertaining and bantering manner, you're pulled right into the heart of the industry, among its many faceless members and given a peek at everything there is to be seen, everything you'd care to see. An almost voyeuristic peek. It's probably like that bit of Harry Potter when he's sucked into a memory and can see and hear everything and learn much, but without ever registering his presence.

Funny stories, ones that will leave you taken-aback, ones that will make you re-think your attitude to the industry — stories aplenty to keep you amused and hooked. I had several instances of 'I really should sleep, but, okay, just ONE more story and I'll shut this' happen... only to end with me reading more than just one more story and going to work sleep-deprived and strangely satisfied for not having put the book down sooner.

And the cover!!! How can you not love it!!! It's just SO perfect!!! The graphics, the design, fonts used, colours ... I would totally pick this book solely on the basis of its cover.

More on the book here.

Do get a copy, I guarantee your enjoying it.

No I'm not getting paid to advertise it, but let's just say I have a vested interest ;)


  1. Pray what be the vested interest? The author? :D

  2. Wow, now this format reads like one of those tele shopping ads ;)

    But, obviously, this one is worth it.

    So, me gonna keep my eyes open for this book during my next trip to a bookstall.

    And Eve's comment made me curious now - Nijana? :)

  3. vested interest... you working in publishing industry. 2+2=?

    I have heard about this book, but I am not exactly a fan of common non-fiction.

  4. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Book sounds fabulous! Can't wait to come across it and pick it up :D

  5. Alright! will pick up a copy this weekend... :)

  6. sounds like a good read...
    infact had got the invite to attend the book launch from a contact who's the author's friend...but couldn't make it. Gotta pick up a copy

  7. Thy will be done!

  8. yea.. i hear u. ^_^

  9. can't get it here... but i promise to bully all the readers i know into buying it! :D

  10. inderesding.. will go bk and then chk.

  11. Eve: :D Hehe, yes. He is a part of our extended family.

    AlwaysHappyKya: Teleshopping ad?! Haha!! I wonder if I could get a job writing copy for teleshopping ads then :D Do buy the book! And haan, family connection to the author.

    Amey: Umm noo.. not that kind of connection. More family type. I don't generally enjoy non-fiction either, but this one sure was. And I'm not saying it out of politeness or the enthusiasm to boost sales. It really is that good.

    Unsungpsalm: Do, do!!!

    Pixie: Yay! :D Let me know if you liked it!

    Anu: Pity you couldn't go to the launch :( Do get a copy!

    D: You're a star D!

    AI Walling: :D Super!

    Rayshma: You're the best!!! There isn't another person like you :D hug and muah!

    Purnima: Okie dokie! :)

  12. Jo hukum aaaakaaa.

  13. i nagged 3 ppl today... 2 got fed up and agreed to buy the book.
    i shall follow up also! :D