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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost in Regency England

*Peers groggily from under her duvet and seeing people milling around looking at her and then their watches, let's out a groan*

Whiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee... I'm so tired! It hurts to think :( I wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppp.

But now that I'm here anyway, let's have a chat

*Brings out tea-cups and plates of snacks and hosts impromptu tea-party imagining it's the one which the Mad Hatter attended. Wait, maybe SHE is the Mad Hatter... she's dressed in PJs and a strange night-cap.*

The night-cap and tea-party being a hangover from too much Regency-England novel reading. In the last two weeks I've finished Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, Cotillion and Her Royal Spyness and enjoyed them all thoroughly. And neither of them would actually qualify as chick-lit in my humble opinion. They're light reading... the last two at least. Her Royal Spyness is a murder mystery with an unlikely female detective and a very amusing host of characters... I'm going to get the next one in the series soon. Cotllion was typical Georgette Heyer ... it was the first Heyer I'd ever read and it was great going back to it.

'Confessions ... ' on the other hand ... it sounded like chick-lit and it has a cover that it VERY chick-lit. It started off okay ... this chick wakes up and finds herself in Jane Austen's England and what follows is a slightly hilarious account of her adventures as an anachronism while having to figure out how to live the life of the woman wh'd body she is inhabiting. She's trying to find a way of getting back to her own world and time but the book slowly veers off-track and there is much philosophical musing about life, love, the place of women in society and such... she even meets Jane Austen herself and manages to freak her out! I thought the book was bit heavy, to be honest and tried to be many things but failed to be any. But as my boss pointed out, that is a feature of many time-travel works... he also put me onto 'Lost in Austen' ... I have something new to watch now!

Okay I almsot deleted this post because I thought it was such utter rubbish... but I started watching 'Lost in Austen' and our heroine (Amanda Price) just announced to Kitty Bennett that the strange tunic she had one with breeches (your everyday jeans and top attire now) is an Otter Hunting Kit. Priceless!


  1. :)

    you know, everytime I go to a book store to buy these books, I don't. Don't ask why! no clue...

    This time, in May, I will buy them. I will.

  2. meeooowwwww!!!!
    i wanna read... but more than that, i wann beach!
    gimme bitttcccchhhh!!! :D

  3. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, Cotillion and Her Royal Spyness I love the names, and I have a Jane Austen addict at home, after this review, I feel I must get her these as a surprise!!

  4. Pixie: You plan so much?! :O

    Catty: Come back to London, then we'll go to Brighton :D

    IHM: I know!! The titles are half the fun! Are you getting them for your daughter? I guarantee her liking them :)