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Monday, August 24, 2009


The exhaustion is rather evident in her tired eyes, almost squeezed shut as they appear. Fatigue invading every single pore after a fairly exacting day at work, she manages to get her train — heels clopping, weighed down by her bag and the rather large paperback she carries to amuse herself while travelling, ignoring the indulgent smiles of people around her who see a frowning girl in a Smurfette tee.

The paperback remains untouched on the train as her mind drifts away into random nothings. She walks, glad to be going home at last, knowing it finally is home and not just a place to sleep at night. And even though she may only be stopping briefly before she heads out again, she's content knowing she's going back to a welcoming, bright, tidy and populated home where there's music playing, the smell of delicious cooking, laughter, conversation and the prospect of lazing about in the last rays of the sun in a little green garden.

Keys ready, she opens the door and is met by two dark beady eyes looking at her with something that could almost be adoration. "Hey baby!!!" she greets. Puts her bags down and turns around to find the eyes still looking at her, a plea in them. Puzzled for a moment, something finally clicks in her mind. And in a tongue far different than anything she has ever spoken thus far, she utters the magic words.

The happy look in those eyes tells her she got them right. And having pulled on her yellow shoes to take a walk, feeling suddenly refreshed, she reflects again on what truly makes this place feel like home. She mulls over how easy it seems, delightedly smiling because she was being given a kiss and today she's being asked for more ... that home seems home because it holds the one thing she really and truly wanted:

Nope, I didn't get a dog because I got married :P I moved houses and this delightful creature belongs to my housemates. And while she's partly the reason I haven't been around of late, there was much more keeping me busy and it simply didn't feel like the right time to get back until now.


  1. you got married?!! :)


    Wish you and your husband a Very Happy married life!

    Details please... :)

  2. Anonymous4:08 AM

    hey you got married!! Congratulations!!!:))
    wishing you a happy married life and Welcome back to the blogging arena:))
    i hope the upcoming post will have some details or photos:))

  3. wow! he's soo adorable! glad that you're having fun! :)

  4. Finally!
    I was about send a search party for u.
    Wel come back

  5. i can't believe u getting compliments for fake marrying!
    you impossible girl :)

    doggie's so cute!
    I was going to write bout rinal's doggie... :P

  6. DUDE!!!! NO I did not get married!!!!!

    Doggie belongs to my housemates... shaadi mein abhi bahut time hai!!!

    Pixie: Ask me in twi years perhaps!!

    Wishes Galore: No no no no noooo!!! No marriage business! Glad to be back though!

    Anu: :) It's a she and yeah, a lot of fun!

    Celestialrays: Hello?! Maine kidhar bola maine shaadi ki?! Theek se padho :P Doggie is very cute, come over sometime... you'll like being around her :D

  7. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Wishing you all the matrimonial bliss in the world!!! May you and the dog be together, until death do you apart.

  8. all the wedding wishes :-P

    and awww, the dog is so adorable...cute!

  9. and yes, welcome back. :-)

  10. Man, what's with you and marriage-related misunderstandings? Why does everyone jump to that conclusion immediately? Daal mein kuch kala hai.

  11. Anonymous8:25 PM

    No way you could announce your marriage on a small italicized note at the end of a post! If that was true I was planning to send you a bomb secretly embedded in my comment here. Okay? :P

    The little puppy is super adorable BTW!! Lovely lovely eyes..ummmah

    Beautiful words on the always :)

    * hurries off before being reminded to post on the blog. Will do..soon ! *

  12. Sweet. And FINALLY you are back. (Get nothing to read when you, Raysh and Galadriel simul go on blogging strike.) someone else owns the doggie and gets to clean the poo and you get to play and enjoy - lucky you! :D

    P.S. In keeping with the trend - Congratulations on your marriage ;)

  13. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I thought I commented here...Kidhar Gaya?

  14. Cute dog! I had already started following your blog when you wrote about that whole dog-marriage-husband thing, so this time I was prepared :P. Come to think about it... big dark beady pleady eyes is hardly how I would expect you to describe a hubby :P.

    Anyway, good to hear that you can look forward to a warm homecoming :).

    But I gotta say... your future hubby might have a reason to get occasionally jealous of your dogged four-legged fascinations ;).

  15. u marriageing quie-quietly? fake methinks. :)

  16. Oh I thought you got married :P

  17. Loca: Thanks babe :) Hug

    USP: *SNARL!* For all you know my future husband might get sympathy votes :P Oh and btw, the canine is a SHE.

    Titaxy: Freaked me out dude! Why've you changed your psueudonym?

    Amey: I know!!! Arre ab toh lagta hai poora daal hi kaala hai :P

    AlwaysHappyKya: Amma, I would not dare risk doing such a thing... pliss to be not sending bombs? :D And post!!!!!

    Alice-in-wonder: Hehe, in a manner of speaking, yes. And no, it so happens that the owners are away right now so I have partial poop-patrol duty too! Doggie is super lovable though :)

    Someone: Hehe, glad to know someone (pun wholly intended! :D) was ready for it hahaha! Yeah it's nice, the new house. And the way things are going, I rather feel the husband might give me enough reason to be j :P

    Anna Bond: no man, people only wishing sim-simply!

    SMM: :P Sure you did.

    Alrighty people, next time the urge to wish me a happy wedding etc arises, check if either Catty or G have wished me and then proceed! :P

  18. err, just like that..haha...change is good, i hear..:D

  19. HOW does it come thru that u got married???
    would you dare get married while i'm away??? and NOT tell me?! would you, now?!

    doggie's DAMN cute! :D

  20. Boo hoo… EVERYONE other than me is moving  me wants to pack..move n hoo!

    BTW!Congrats on the move!

  21. Titaxy: Fair enough :)

    Catty: I don't know dude... and meri itni himmat ki tumhe bina bataye kuch bhi karoon? :D You'd have loved doggie ... wish you were here :(

    Pavi: Well, errr ... if you're sure you want to deal with packing and unpacking! And thank you :) Feels good to be in this new house!

  22. dude... i need clarification pliss. are those being doggie's actual eyes????
    rather scary they look.

  23. Arre no, flash on tha ... she has very pretty eyes, hell she's pretty on the whole ... I'll send more photus later

  24. Is this the Headbanger??? Hehe. Wot a cutiepie, Hunnybunny sends her many kissies :-D

  25. Hehe, yes, that is her! Many kisses to Hunnybunny from London!