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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Every Dog* Has Its Day

I see some of you were very curious when I mentioned my wedding in the last post. Just clarifying things... nothing is coming up immediately, it's just something that I'd been thinking of as a part of the future sometime... every girl plans her wedding, cmon!! BUT, I shall indeed share news of such nature as and when it does occur :) Mera bhi number aayega!!!

In other news: I was watching a few videos and came across some which were essentially of owners showing off what tricks their dogs could do.

I'm a little annoyed by this though. I can understand guide-dogs and rescue-dogs being trained... but those are to help people. This is just purely someone ordering their dog about for their own pleasure and convenience. And it really irks me.

Aren't those poor dogs living beings in their own right? Do they not deserve to be treated as individuals? I can understand house-training pets so they do not poo all over your house, bite strangers, sit on the sofa or chew it and the curtains, hurt your babies and create a mess within the house. That stuff is essentially drawing boundaries for behaviour and it still seems acceptable.

But 'training' another creature to fetch your newspaper, slippers, shake hands on command, sit, stand, run, roll-over... it's not anything I find I can digest. Why must any creature be subject to YOUR whims and fancies in order to sit or sleep or eat? What is the point of training a pet to do these things? Entertainment? Since when did lording over someone (and indeed they ARE someone) become entertainment? Personally, it only makes me view such people with contempt. I honestly cannot comprehend making another creature's life all about serving you... it's just not right.

If you have thoughts that are different to mine, please do share them. I'm not averse to hearing different opinions, maybe even accepting them if tey make sense.

And speaking of weddings and dogs in the same breath, a long time ago, G and I were talking about things and I was telling her that I really want a dog. Like really really really.

Digression. I react to dogs the way some people react to babies. I want one. My eyes go all melty and my state is between longing and adoration... and in this country it's all I can do to not walk up to dog owners and their dogs and pet the creatures... pull them to me and go all 'Whoosh my liddle pumpkin... gooshy gooshy!!!', chase them and roll around with them. Sigh. I so badly want a dog that it hurts.

Anyway, I said to G that I would wait till I got married to have a dog because I couldn't really take care of one on my own at that point, living alone and all. And G goes:

"Arre dekh na! That's such a brilliant answer!! Tujhe koi dekhne aayega aur poochega ki tujhe shaadi kyon karni hai toh tu bolegi 'Ji actually mujhe ek kutta chahiye!'" (Such a brilliant answer when someone comes to 'see you' as a suitor. They'll ask why you want to be married and you'll say 'Actually, I want a dog')

*And indeed, their female counterparts.


  1. lol. i completely agree. although, i am against enslavement of any creature, so technically, just people having dogs is something i have issues with. buuuuut then that's me. always an extremist.

  2. I think we should train people. That area requires more attention!

  3. 2 things...

    1. Dogs are wonderful. As much as I'd want to hav a dog I listen to mum's argument and keep quiet!
    She just says..."ninage nodkolakke yaaradru beeku...nai-na yelli nodthiya!"
    (In essence...I need someone to take care of me, how wud i take care of the dog!) A simple yet deep argument I havent been able to win!! aarrgghh!! Dogs are wonderful company.

    2. How do you blog so often!! :D


  4. i do NOT react that way to babies. but i do to kittens and doggies.
    and btw, i was gonna do an identical post... on that screwed serial called america's best dog or some such shit!
    i HATE it!!!
    i feel like getting those dogs home!

    and umm.. i had actually told that to vin. he still married me! and we still can't afford a kutta. :(
    next anniv, i'm told. we'll see.

  5. Erm... don't you have strays loitering around in your neighborhood? (I've never been to London, so this might be a really asinine question either way). I and most of my friends from childhood have always wanted dogs, but only a lucky few got to have one. I remember, whenever I used to ask my parents about getting one, the answer I usually got was "We already have our hands full raising a monkey!"... doh... one thing about my parents... they always came up with convincing arguments... lol :)).

    So anyway, me and my other simian friends had to make do with strays. Not a bad option, really.. you feed them, play with them, and there's no hassles with house training either... sometimes we even took them to the vet for shots (with our own hard begged pocket money), and one of our caring mates even sat down with them for hours and removed their ticks... sniff... touching :P. But the best of both worlds for the bow-wows really, they have their freedom, regular treats, playmates and complementary delousing :)).

    You should try it. No need to get married either :P.

  6. he he!!!

    u would be a hit with the boy, he's been hounding me to let us get a dog.


  7. 'Ji actually mujhe ek kutta chahiye!'

    Ouch... How easy is it to misunderstand that?

    Some commands like sit, stay etc. come under the house-training the pets. I mean, you wouldn't want you dog attacking your guests or barking all the time you are talking, would you now? ;)

  8. 'Ji actually mujhe ek kutta chahiye' - LOL !!! Man, That was a Brilliant one from G :D

    About the trainig thingy, I can actually go without getting too pissed off about it as long as the owners treat the dog well and love it enough.

    Hey, on this popular blog, she posts pictures of her adorable dogs everyday, sometimes showing off their awesome patience levels. Have a look:

  9. La vida loca6:54 AM

    my reaction to dog and babies is identical..nice to look at, play w/ for an hour....afterwards....

  10. 'Why must any creature be subject to YOUR whims and fancies in order to sit or sleep or eat?...Since when did lording over someone (and indeed they ARE someone) become entertainment?'

    That's exactly what many guys I know should say to their girlfriends :P

  11. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I second LVL :-)

  12. Well I am a complete dog-lover and I actually have a gorgeous dog Hunnybunny who only knows Sit :-) But I have a different opinion, I don't think they're ordering their dogs about. The fact is many dogs are super-intelligent and they crave attention. Learning new tricks which require discipline, reasoning and practice encourages and entertains dogs. My previous dog died at the age of 12 and she was so smart she learned to open all the freakin doors in my house. I taught her fetch and she loved showing off in front of guests.

    Think of it like this- if you had a kid who had a lovely voice, wouldn't you teach that child some songs? I have yet to meet a doggy that didn't enjoy all the attention that was lavished on them. In fact my neighbor Megan has promised to teach Hunnybunny how to 1) roll over and 2) walk on hind legs.

    Does that mean I am cruel? I think not. I just want to teach her some fun things. Anyway you can always tell if your dog is enjoying the tricks or not from their body language. If Hunny is wagging her tail, her eyes are all excited and the ears and all perky and alert- it means she is having FUN!

  13. but what if potential suitor kutta drives you barking mad?

  14. good reason to get married.. better than mine.. I wanted someone to cook for me!! {wink}

  15. Hi!

    am a dog lover too...and just wanted to report that instead of us training our lady dog she is the one who commands us...

    Sitting idle? scratch my belly

    Nothing to do? take me for a walk

    Eating/cooking non veg? Give me my portion first and dare you try to chew on the bones

    As for wedding...tera number aayega...dont worry...number ke saath doggy bhi aayega...

  16. Galadriel: haha! So you don't visit friends who have pets or what???

    Apoo: I already suggested that!!!

    Whencutdeep: My mum said the same thing actually :D And it's easy to blog frequently when you've got so much to say. Admit it, you're getting a good break from all that studying when someone posts this often :D

    Rayshma: Arre I only said some people react to babies like that, chill :D And they've got reality shows on dogs now?! :O what next?!
    haha! You're the limit woman! What will you say next?! Vin and the dog will alike bond over coping with you, should be good :D

    Aditya: London does not have stray dogs else things might've been slightly different. Good excuse to not get married but I doubt my parents would consider it a valid one. Worth trying it for the look on their face though, when I say "But I don't need to get married!! I can still have a dog!!!" :P

    Chandni: Really! :D So why aren't you guys getting one? You have a good zoo already na! :D

    Amey: It was meant to be misunderstood :D :P And some things you need to teach a dog so it doesn't attack random people... but there are other things I just don't understand. Like making them fetch stuff...

    Alwayshappykya: hehe!! G is good that way, great actually :D And yeah, long as the owners are treating pets right, shouldn't be an issue... thanks for the link!

    La vida loca: :) To each their own!

    Ashish: I know guys who need to hear that same line from their gfs :P But then again... men need to be trained :P

    SnS: :) So you like human company more I guess!

    Pitu: Excellent points made and you seem to be the only one who actually could explain stuff and give a different POV. What you said makes sense... but say, going by your example, you were repeatedly making the child sing before guests to show off... wouldn't it be bored or annoyed at some point? But then again, dogs do love attention like you said and I suppose it is easy to tell if they are enjoying tricks or not... thanks for sharing that!!!

    Vaudevillian: Good point!! Shaadi wouldn't happen then na? :D

    Preethi: haha! to each their own :D

    Pinku: That canine of yours sounds more like a feline! :D And yaar, shaadi toh hoke rahegi.... lekin kutta agar jaldi mil jaaye toh baht accha hoga!

  17. yes yes!! i must admit... its a good break! :D

  18. Anonymous11:39 PM

    See dogs are like babies....except that sometimes they are 80 pounds heavy!

    You take your baby, teach "Twinkle Twinkle" or whatever nonsense to it and then when a bunch of people come over, you show off what a genius your offspring is. Same with dogs too...

    And just like members of the family need to pitch in once in a while with setting the table, etc...dogs have to do their bit by fetching newspaper etc....

    Ofcourse it is a different issue that when my dog is asked to fetch, he gets so excited that he shreds the daily news, slobbers over it and then comes over to present us with the lovely mush.