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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tee hee!!!

PJ of the day:

Why don't the Indian police wear full-sleeved uniforms?

Kyunki, kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hain :P

(The arm of the law is quite long)

Yea yea, I know...


  1. Actually I was about to say "bah!!" or "yappa" and squirming at thinking how many times that dialogue was repeated to death in all the movies... but then there was never a mention of half sleeved shirts!
    Good call!! :D

  2. and how many people have you already said this to and watched them clutch at their hair?? i thought so.

  3. Err... any explanation for why until recently they also wore half-sleeved pants? ;)

  4. Hahahaha....loved it.

  5. Oh my! limits of PJing :P


    You remind me of that dear friend in College who used to be called 'PJ Queen' ;)

  6. Ohh how I love PJs. Bring more on!!

  7. I have suffered quite a few pj's on the same concept...none worse than this..lmao


  8. Whencutedeep: Bouncer-aa? hehe! :D

    Galadriel: I swear it was up here first!! Advantages of blogging :D I did text it to friends later... most of them laughed :D

    Amey: Eh I can't give all the answers, this one is for you to come up with an answer :D

    Rayshma: I know :D

    La vida loca: hehe!

    Silvara: Glad you did! :D

    Alwayshapykya: PJ queen?? haha!!! Looks like I am getting somehwere :D

    Vaudevillian: I know :D

    Never mind!: haha!!! I'm trying, I'm trying!!!

    Comfortably numb: Yes, but you laughed!!! :D Welcome here :)