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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The New Social Order

I'd like to start an umbrella campaign.

By which I mean the random exchange of umbrellas between complete strangers on the street.

Why? Have you noticed how nice and colourful everyone's umbrellas look*? It's boring to carry the same one every day... would be fun to simply exchange and pass it on every once in a while :D

*Do not mention black umbrellas at this point, I very well know they exist. I cannot provide answers to every question. Hmpfh!

Edited to add: This is mine, in case you were wondering. It's girly, I know. I'm a girl.


  1. yes, please take away my $1 walmart umbrella and gimme a nice designer one!

  2. Aww such a sweet idea! I want a fuscia umbrella!!

  3. Hey, you know what they say... umbrellas look more beautiful in other hands :D

  4. i don't use umbrellas.
    i have a mental block about using them. however kewl or designer they may be... i can't be seen with one!

  5. your campaign has taken off...I wish I had an umbrella to spare..

    Scribblers Inc.

  6. Whatay idea!
    I want a white umbrella so I can use it for some photography!! :D

  7. we had a story in 1st pu...there was this tramp who used to go to english saloons and takes some persons umbrella and his coat everyday...uve read that story..>!??

  8. erm... HAD to come back to ask... are u grabbing ppl's umbrellas???

  9. I want a nice colorful umbrella with lot of designs please.I am willing to give away my green colored one that folds inside out at the slightest hint of winds.

  10. Galadriel: Hehe. I forsee a problem here. Capitalism might win over socialism... gah!

    Neha: haha!! Well go find one then!

    Amey: Really??!! Or maybe they just look good when they're open and you see them from top :P :D

    Rayshma: Ohho!! Well, then again, you'd love it if it rained cats and dogs ;) So there :D

    Scribblers inc.: Looks like! You only need to walk into the nearest chai tapri/bar/hotel and pick one up randomly :D

    Whencutdeep: You'll need to go to a photostudio for that!

    Silk smitha and disco shanthi: Yes I do remember that!! Story was by O Henry I think... and the protagonist is trying desperately to get jailed :)

    Rayshma: Erm, no. Boss said the cops would not take well to that story :(

    I love lucy: Don't ask me! :D Accost a stranger and make the offer... live dangerously! :D

  11. Umbrella chor ! Umbrella Chor !! :-)

    The idea surely sounds cool as long as we come across complete strangers with brighter/better looking umbrellas than our own ;-)

    If not, it can be good fun to walk really fast or start running from a complete stranger who tries to snatch our umbrella just because he/she has joined DewDrops umbrella campaign..Thee Hee Hee :D

  12. hehe i have a Firm umbrella - black and gold :P

    It's bloody huge!

  13. BTW, this reminded me of a line from a Marathi play I saw recently: " keep a wallet in open road and it will be safe. But no chappals or umbrellas are safe here."

  14. Alwayshappykya: LOL! Hey I never said it was a perfect system!!

    Silvara: I like huge umbrellas... specially the ones with a pointy tip... all the better to poke someone with :P Or to play pretend quidditch with :D

    Amey: Looks like it was written for people like me :P How was it said in Marathi btw?

  15. i see u've found the lost mojo! ;)
    and erm... yeah, nice umbrella. want pic of what u wanna swap it with.

  16. always thought it defines a person's character sometimes?

    that said, had to sport a union jack brella for a while with immense cringeworthy moments, blame laziness to buy a new one. and now that google's filming neighbourhoods and all that, might as well have this then eh.
    and then do this

  17. Rayshma: Looks like... but could just be a passing phase... :(

    Vaudevillian: And you're back!! yay!! LOVED the umbrella and the video was just too funny!!! :D There's an idea in that for sure :D

  18. haha billion dollar idea when one day lets hope ur unbrella gets touched by madonna and we can sell it in ebay.