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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's Time For Acceptance Speeches!!!

This one is from La Vida Loca, Rayshma AND Never Mind!!

And truly, it feels like I have found a sorority on blogsphere in these three. And the ones I pass the award on to are:

Rayshma: There's more to us than just the blogs now :)

La Vida Loca: My first kannada-speaking contact on blogsphere and she opened up a whole new world for me!

Never Mind!: She says she doesn't have many BFFs in reality but it would be hard to not like her and wish her for your bff really.

Medha: Simply because we do go back a long way and it all began with me blog-stalking her hehe!

Mahi: She introduced me to narcissism, alcoholism, liberal talk lightening up, being fun and remaining a great person while doing all that. All from her blog. Here's to you girl! Do wish you'd get back to blogging :)

Eve: I'm at a loss for words when it comes to her... but I hope the award says it all for me, from me.

Sree: We began with 'arvoing' and it's been great right since then!

Silvara: I'm just glad to be a part of her little corner of blogsphere (okay maybe not a little corner)

Alwayshappykya: Wish you'd be around more often!!!

Snippetsnscribbles: I'm liking our association and I hope we shall continue for long!

I Love Lucy: Sporadic contact, but am hoping we get to know each other more!

??!: Being steady visitors at each other's space counts I think :)

RWS: Similarly

Flygye: Excuse my sporadic stop-overs at yours, glad to know you, all the same!

Amey: Hasn't once failed to say something amusing and/or profound and I like seeing him around!

Whencutdeep: Taken a temporary hiatus but it's nice having this sunny soul around.

And please do not take it personally if you don't see your name here, only reason I've left it out is because I feel too shy to assume we're friends.

This one is from Rayshma! Much humbled by the award and the little note she wrote saying why I was given the award. The reason I delayed accepting it was because I felt I hadn't really won it given the blog had a rather simple look. Now though, I feel like I have indeed worked for it :) Thanks Rayshma!! I'm going to give it to people who haven't already received it so don't take it as a rejection if your name isn't on here. My awardees are:

Romi: I never fail to laugh when I drop by her blog and her narratives are so heartwarming at the same time!

Alwayshappykya: I love her screen name to begin with. It's just so quirly! And she has a very nice style of writing and isn't afraid to share the most personal of details. Like it all!

Chronicus Skepticus: Hilarious. 'Nuff said.

The next few blogs are ones that really ought to be updated more often but they've got a lot of stuff on them already, having been around for a long time now. And the writing is awesome!! Go back and read their archives, you'll see what I mean. So here's to Medha, Mahima, Ashish and Mukta (See this post of hers especially)!


  1. pliss to specify what u mean when u say "there's more to us..."
    but since i'm supposed to say it.. lemme say "well deserved" *pat on the back*

  2. Wha...what? I am given awards - not one but two ?!

    ** Looks around wide eyed with hands on mouth unbelievingly **

    Thanks a ton Dew..feels so honoured and special ! Mean it, Dilse :)

    Psst, have been away from blog world for a while and I came back here to find this awesome new template. It's green and gorgeous here girl :D

  3. Hey babe!! thank you so much - ahhh I've grown to love your blog and to have you bestow this one me is a great honour. Thank you :)

  4. Awwie. All for moi? Is so sweet.

    Although, I don't do credit anymore. And I don't post about awards. But accepted, acknowledged, and thanked.

  5. Thank you DDD, it's an honor that I shall cherish ... :) ...


  6. An award for me... wow...thanks a ton!! Really!!

    Back when I started blogging... ok... not that long back either..just a little back... I'd see these awards on some blogs and all the amazing content they had...was wonderful to just read and read all day long. Now out of the blue I get one!! Feels chindi...bombat!!

    Thank you...

    And yes..BFF... :)

    Muchos gracias senorita! :)

  7. Ive been preparing an acceptance speech for long,in my mind,in my dreams and here's the moment and I'm speechless.Even though every time i dreamt of was a grammy.But this is an award moment omg and thankyou thank you thankyou dewdropdreams.I also thank the guy who discovered computer,the internet and ofcourse the one who got the idea of blogging!:p

    Seriously, thanks.Its nice to see my name out there.

  8. Thank you, thank you... You can't see me taking a bow from there ;) Will save my acceptance speech till later, though.