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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Status Messages

I have such MAD friends really. One look at their status messages and you know. Status messages are great insights into people's personalities really. Samples:

R: jab dil hi toot gaya, ek phone ka kya karen

S (Could dedicate a whole section to this fella): Singa pura bheeg gaya (Has recently moved to S'pore and is rather overwhelmed at the monsoon there)

To err is human, to arrrrr is pirate

B: Ampersands with Attitude (Which I thought was the name of his band till he told me he was being beset by ampersands in the coding he was doing that day :P)

M: If you love something, let it go. If it doesn't come back to you, hunt it down and kill it. (No she isn't scary as she sounds. Not scary at all!)

And then there was the kid brother, wo, upon being urged to change his rather bland status message to something else by a friend, promptly responded by changing his status to 'Something else'.

More to be added. Watch this space!


  1. No she isn't scary as she sounds. Not scary at all!

    That second "not scary at all" really makes it more believable ;)

  2. The brother's status msg reminds me of a postcard I read abt. This fella was away from home for months and never bothered to phone/write. So his mom sent him a postcard and uspe likha tha "At least tell me whether you are dead or alive. Sick with worry". The nalayak sent back a postcard with the word "Alive" on it :-p

  3. hehehee...
    u DO know what that says abt u, right...?

    p.s.: good work on the sidebar. now, quit drinking & get to work on the header!

  4. u do not have moderation anymore. hope this is this applicable to the blog only...? ;)

  5. La vida loca6:02 PM

    phullu phunny

  6. Amey: I'm just saying! :D

    Pitu: Welcome here!! And I've heard of the 'Alive or Dead' one before... always cracks me up!!! hahahaha!!!

    Rayshma: Hee hee!! I know I know... But I thought we'd already established my existential details :D Header shall have to wait ma... Tired of reworkin the template so much!
    Moderation? Taking riks :D therefore no moderation :D

    La Vida Loca: :D Glad you think so!!