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Monday, September 01, 2008

Enraged. Outraged

Some COLOSSAL IDIOT has gone and copied my entire blog description and profile description onto her orkut account and hasn't so much as attributed it to the author – ME.

I am mad beyond reason and justifiably so because somone thought it a great lark to simply lift the fruit of me efforts and shamelessly use it as their own. This is MY space, as are the words that flow on these pages and I spend time and effort writing here... to have all of that simply copied and pasted is not flattering as anyone might be thinking, it's simply disgustingly cheap and it makes me angry. At least have the decency to attribute it to the source you acquired intellectual property from. What kind of unimaginative creature are you anyway? You think you're so freaking clever using those lines there don't you? Well you're not. You're far too dumb to come up with anything by yourself, that's what.

Worry about me hunting you down and making you pay now. Copy-cat LOSER. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. the second half is a load of delicious copy pasta as well, floating around on the tinternets.

    besides, isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

  2. ouch. Maaro gaddhe ko.

  3. maybe the 'copier' ought to read the next post... and BEWARE! :D
    but seriously.. it's disgusting!

  4. Wow!Nice template!
    From drab to fab kinda story :P
    And sorry about what happened...such incidents seem to have become so common offlate...very bad trend this.

  5. First off, wow for the template..

    I had heard of content-copying, but copying profile is something new. Orkut scraps are somehow not as effective as blog comments, but you can try that.

  6. Urgh....that's got to be so annoying!

    Btw - LOVE LOVE LOVE the new template!!! A very pleasant surprise :D

  7. Sad!you shud've scrapped her... not tht she wud care i guess but still for wat its worth...
    ppl feel its ok to just copy stuff from others...its because of the distance and anonymity of the net!

    Oh...somehow the new template doesnt display properly on firefox or IE... or is it just me?

  8. i hope you reported their asses and got them banned or at least wrote them a really blistering scrap.

  9. akka......yen idu template..!!!?? full mandi mohalla ishtyle...!!!!???

  10. Ahh .. Firstly, the new template is soo you.

    Secondly, wtf? Who is it? You're being to easy on them. No one messes with the dewdrop and lives to tell the tale ....

  11. very nice tmplate
    come pick up an award

  12. lauve the new template!! :)

  13. Anonymous11:24 PM

    wow! sakkkat template :)

    And I think we spoke too soon on the Copyright part the other day I guess. I recently found out something similar about myself and I'm mighty frustrated!

  14. BTW, I cleaned up my blog a bit. Can you see it now?

  15. Metrosexual Monk: Heavens!! And yaar, imitation tak theek hai... but outright copy-paste??!!

    ??!: Seriously! Hunt her down!!

    Aditya: Hey, thanks! That was very helpful :)

    Rayshma: hehe... wouldn't help to read the other post, she'll get ideas to retaliate then :P But man am SO irked!! And glad you liked the new template, now I feel like I've actually won the ward ;)

    I Love Lucy: Thank you! haha... I rather liked the simplicity of the old template actually... still getting used to this one :) I wish there was a way of stopping this copy-paste trend.

    Amey: It WAS content copying. She lifted my profile description on this blog and used it as her own. Dumb duck! And I didn't send a scrap only because I didn't wantto compromise my identity. Glad you like the new look!

    Silvara: Very annoying ya!! And glad you think the new look is nice!!

    Whencutdeep: Ya man, it's the distance and anonymity factor only... just didn't send a scrap because that would mean indentifying myself. And the template actually appears wonky because there's some problem with the coding... still trying to sort it.

    Amrita: I tried to report, but Orkut's adopted Gandhism and told me to 'try and reason' with the perpetrator. bah!! I'm not sure is scrapping is a good idea though!

    Silk smitha & disco shanthi: Chennagilveno??

    RWS: hehe I know, SO me!! Go search for my blog name on orkut, you'll find the creature masquerading there. And no, she won't get away. No one messes with me or my stuff.

    La vida Loca: Thank you!!!

    Snippetsnscribbles: Oh no!!! Who lifted your content? where???

    Amey: Umm... your blog page is getting frozen every time I try to access it... I don't know if I'm the only one having this isssue.

  16. Just curious... how'd you find out???
    As in..Why'd you think of searching in the first place?? :D

    Sometimes I do wish I had an anonymous blog like some ppl here :D lol

  17. I searched because I was wondering if I'd left any trails behind... turns out someone thought I was good enough to impersonate :P

  18. Well well..aren't you the careful one.... :D
    But I guess you do have some trails left behind... or its just me thinking they are trails!! :D