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Monday, September 01, 2008

Beware of the 21st Century Woman

M and I were having another of our crazy chats and she was complaining that her bf had suddenly been called away to meet another friend. Justifiably annoyed M said:

"saala. because of tt mera bf offline chala gaya. ruk main dekhti hoon S ko abhi... *folds sleeves up and takes the jhaadu in one hand* :P

me: hahahha jhaadu???!!! woman!! you're in the 21st century, try something more sophisticated!

M: wht.. hit him with my hair curler? :P


  1. Hehehehehehe.

    Aur nahi toh kya!

    Tell S to watch out haan!
    My hair-curler is going to land on his HEAD! :P

    Aur tu 21st century boli, toh that is the most sophisticated thing i could find okay!

    hehehe :D

  2. hair curler??
    how abt a wireless router..? or an iPhone?

    what was used finally?

  3. To be precise, she would have needed a vacuum cleaner (Hurts way more than jhadoo, I am pretty sure).

    Don't tell me she "used" hair curler on him, and not used it to hit him. That would be cruel indeed ;)

  4. Miss-Understood: hehehehehee!! I'm marvelling at your unique idea!!! And the way your brain works :D There are other options, see the other comments! haha!

    Rayshma: LOL!! They're a bit expensive na? Suggest something else. Nothing has been used yet, distance prevents action for now :D

    Amey: hehe!! You realise you're doing your kind a great disservice with your suggestion, right? But thanks, because it definitely shall be used at some point :D

  5. Yeah, we don't give out such secrets without having countermeasures in place. ;)