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Friday, September 19, 2008

A Dewdrop Dream

It has been years since you and I parted ways and though anyone would think I might've managed to forget about you, I haven't. I still think of you time to time. I think of us. I think of how it might've been had we managed to work this out and stay together.

Looking back, sometimes it seems we never really stood a chance. Or did we? Our families didn't approve of our alliance and therefore our separation was inevitable. But... really? Religion parted us. Or rather, they parted us because they had religious differences. We'd been getting on so fine on our own. So fine!

The kids are rather divided on this whole thing of course. Some of them couldn't care about it one bit. Some of them wish earnestly to be united with you and the pack there. Some of them have taken to deliberately and radically besmirching you. They make me proud, sad or angry depending on what they think... But it's beyond me now to guide them. Or I feel so anyway. The more optimistic ones feel not all is lost. But they seem to be outnumbered by the sour ones and that weight is a heavy and dead one for my brighter ones to counter. I feel such happiness when occasionally one of them comes across one that belongs to you and comes home with eyes shining, full of stories, exclaiming about what wonderful company they found. And I feel a glimmer of hope then ...

I know much has happened since then and we cannot seem to stop sniping... specially over that piece of property. And yet occasionally, I think we'd be able to work things out if we gave ourselves a chance.

And you must admit, this isn't an existence to be admired. Living within sight and yet having to trudge day after day in a strange rhtythm that involves animosity and hatred.

And I know it's your identity that you worry about here, worry that you may lose it again if we got back together. But I promise I shall toe the line this time. I shall respect your wishes, desires and thoughts and give you the space you require. If only we may be granted the chance to try and make things work again.

I do miss you.

And I dream of a day when perhaps we may be together again.

When we shall not be the rival countries India and Pakistan.


  1. wonderfully put.
    loved this piece. really.

  2. beautiful. you're in the right business, you are. :)

  3. Hey, that was an amazing piece dew, you totally took me by surprise!

    The paragraph on kids threw me off a bit, but kept me wondering what the ending had in store.

    India-Pakistan, separated by religion and still fighting over a piece of land...beautifully put :)

    Though it seems like ages now, I hope all those 'kids' get to a peaceful reunion sooner.

  4. Rayshma: Thank you!

    Galadriel: Thank you :)

    Fantasies of a lifetime: Thanks!

    Aishu: Thanks a ton :) I do hope we manage to bury the hatchet with Pakistan really soon.

    Arunima: Thank you :)

  5. arre waah! reply to comments?! that too, bolded my name n all!
    i'm DAMN kicked!!! and nobody's talking to me. so resorting to this tactic of leaving comments! :D

  6. identity? that is a contentious issue you know.. that piece of land is ours, we are their creators, we wrote their destiny and as the future would undoubtedly tell, we shall be the ones who change it. I'm not being narrow minded, but being who we are, we shouldnt really be going down on our knees to court someone who is our creation.. their history stretches back all but 61 years.. and culture? they dont really have any do they? actually we dont have to do anything about them.. they are on a self-destruct mode.. and would soon have no option other than to take "refuge" with us..

  7. great could have lingered a bit...but then you might have given it away...

    Scribblers Inc.

  8. You're really good at these kind of posts.

  9. Rayshma: Ohho!!! Wake up!! Boldened names have been here for sometime now :P And you don't appear online, how am I supposed to talk to you!!!

    Winger: To each their own! :) I think my thoughts on this are still quite unclear but I was definitely aiming for wanting peace and harmony between the two nations. As far as the land in concerned... given how its people are persecuted anyway, I don't think either country can lay rightful claim over it, if claiming it means simply destroying its cultural identity by imposing our own there. far as Pakistan's identity is concerned, I meant religiously. For a minute let's put aside all the terrorism etc... I'm talking of things such as declaring anyone Islamic to be automatically supporting Pakistan and essentially alienating them. One needn't go down on one's knees... but a bit of adjustment would serve very well you know.

    Scribblers Inc.: Thank you :) I happen to be quite politically ignorant and that's perhaps why I haven't done justice to this piece.

    RWS: Thanks :) I like your come back posts. Now go away again :D

  10. Anonymous2:44 PM

    we've not had such silence from u till now, hun !! come back soon and tell us stories :)

  11. Anonymous8:15 AM

    i loved this one...