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Monday, December 07, 2009


has a shelf life


  1. and this reminds me...i have to sort out my bookcase!!!!

  2. is that a kannada book in there?
    *clap clap*

  3. How is Six Suspects? Better than Q&A?

  4. I WANT!!!!!!!!!

  5. and what a shelf life! :)

    mine looks identical now that i have my books back! :)

  6. This reminds me, I need to get a bookcase ;)

    BTW, you have a DVD of Watchment, and a copy of "prisoner of Zenda"? Wow...

  7. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I love the new theme. Please keep it for a long long time. :)


  8. how come ppl are liking your new template hain :D

  9. Mumbai Diva: Haha! Not quite a reaction I expected, I must say. My bookcase is an exhibit for ordered chaos :P

    celestialrays: Yes it is! :) There are two more but you can't see the spines.

    The Double Inverted Commas: Hi there! Welcome :) Six Suspects is fabulous ... WAY better than Q&A. It still has bits which are kind of predictable but very few compared to Q&A. The narrative is engaging, the plot is well structured, pretty fast paced and I loved the interplay of emotions.

    Dee: Well ... errr ... it's going to be a bit of job considering how far apart we live!

    Catty: :) Same pinch! Remind me again WHY we never seem to talk about books?!

    Amey: And you're the second person to say that! But you DO have a bookcase no? I saw something like it in your header anyway! And WHEN do you intend to put up a post about that header, pray?!

    And yes, I do indeed have a Watchmen DVD and a copy of Prisoner of Zenda :) LOVED the cinematography of Watchmen and Prisoner of Zenda is one of the finest books I have ever read!

    Alice: Hello! Haven't seen you around for a while! How've you been? Changing templates is a right pain so I'll end up keeping this for ages even if only for that reason :D I do love it myself though :)

    celestialrays: Because it's nice? :D And it's nice because a certain webdesgin mata who just happens to be a dear friend helped me with it! Thanks babe :) I owe you a pasta dinner (in the very least!).

  10. Umm, my books are standing and sleeping wherever they can find a place. Like the "shelf" on my floor lamp, which you see in the header.

    So, which one is next?

  11. Anonymous10:17 PM


    In fact, I expected 2 more of these stacked up shelves at DDDs :D

    We moved house recently and I set up the new book shelf at home few days back..realized I had too many unread.. waiting to be picked.

    At least the shelf life of this kinda comfort is looooooong :)

  12. Amey: "Which one is next?" You're going to have to refresh my memory else I'll give you a very random and totally nonsensical answer to that :)

    Alwayshappykya: :D How do you know if this is the entirety of my library? ;)

    I'm kidding ... I would LOVE to live-up to that image you have of me having two more such bookshelves but errrmmm ... been trying not to hoard stuff (the irony!).

    You guys moved? How did you manage what with you being pregnant and all?! Hope it went okay :) I have a few unread books too ... I think books have their own time to be read in, you can't force read!

    And yeah, this kind of comfort, thank heavens for its shelf life :) I'll take this anyday over other offers!

  13. good shelf! :)

    I need to sort out my books too... and arrange them.. :)

    And what's that book by Marian Keyes? I want!

    Yaavdu Kannada booku? :)

  14. Pixie: Haha ... thank you! :)

    The Marian Keyes book is 'The Other Side of the Story' ... I really enjoyed reading that one. Not your usual chick-lit crap.

    The Kannada book is 'Talegondu tara tara' by Shrinivasa Vaidya. I actually wanted 'MAnasukharayana Manasu' but didn't find one that day ... Amma's recommendation, she read me a bit out of one book and it was veru funny!

  15. Quirky: Hehe, jealousy is an intrinsic trait of bibliophiles ... you'll envy and be envied, always ;)

  16. wow...X3 nice blog..reminds me of the spring..XD

    anyway..ive just

    followed you ayu..and here's my blog

    in case you wanna visit me and follow me as well..(@^_^@)

  17. Oh, a random reply would be very interesting.

    But, in lieu of a random reply, I was asking which of those books is next on your to-read list. So, give us both replies now.

  18. er... how do u reach the book in the back? :P

    (btw, sorry for the hiatus. blogging regularly is tough!)

  19. Rly like the new template!

  20. aahhh nice! i'm planning to go get a new (bigger) bookshelf this weekend...current one if overflowing :D..

  21. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  22. Ayu: Thanks Ayu :) I'll drop by for sure!

    Amey: I should have given you that random answer then because it's lost now. Gah. Incidentally, there was an 80's movie titled 'The Next One' ... sounds vairy ainteresting ... I'd love to watch it. Oh and may I recommend one of these
    for your no-bookshelf state? ;)

    As for which of those books is getting oulled out next, there's no saying. The ones I am reading do are not be seen there ... they live under my spare pillow :P Adventures of the Froodians is keeping me busy for now but there's no saying what will come next ... it's ordered chaos for that very reason.

    La vida loca: Thanksu :)

    Anna Bond: Look who's here! Hi! The books at the back ... let's just say I spend about ten minutes pulling them out and putting the others back in :D And it's okay, bloggers being lax is completely acceptable :) But I hope you post soon!

    Pitu: It must be really good if it merits the Sultan's stamp of approval! :) Thank you :D

    Titaxy: Haha, I think I envy you :D Hope you find a good one!

    Vijay: Thanks.

  23. we didn't get time from discussing random-rubbishy movies and singing crass songs publicly. hence, we didn't get to the book talk.

  24. oh i could so do with one of thsoe shelves! my books are piled on top of my wardrobe and all over my desk ... begging for a home

  25. suparna4:10 PM

    tell us abt Time Traveller's Wife? heard abt it, contemplating.. sounds lovely.

    first timer on ur blog here :)