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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Newly Marrieds

It had been a few weeks since they'd gotten married. All their time together before and anticipation of what was to come had not prepared them for the reality of it. Much like any other newly married couple, they were navigating what looked like an area littered with landmines. Occasionally they'd step on one. Or just about miss. Mostly though, they seemed to float on air and live in a state of bliss.

It was a weekend morning. She'd let him snooze while she woke up before him and pottered about. There was something about these mornings, they made her restless. She couldn't fathom sleeping in ... maybe it was because they afforded her those few rare and precious opportunities for absolute 'me time' with the added bonus of the house being inhabited but quiet and dewy fresh out.

Having sorted her beauty regimen (goodness, she really hadn't had much time lately had she?!), she decided it was time to wake her husband up and made her way to their room. And paused. Their room? Wow ... that sure sounded ... strange. And there he was. Her husband. Geez ... that sounded stranger, she still couldn't get used to it. But the sight of him fast asleep there, very much within reach, this she could get used to. She couldn't have enough of that.

Smiling fondly she reached over and caressing his hair called to him to wake up.

He opened his eyes drowsily, smiled sleepily, opened his eyes fully ... and SCREAMED.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" he demanded.

"What ... what ... I ... huh ... uh ... what?!" was all she could sputter putting a hand to her forehead. Where her fingers found the set face mask she'd applied earlier.

Oh the joys of being married!

And of course, as Murphy's Law would have it, they had guests and someone ventured to ask if everything was okay.

"Oh yes, yes" said the new wife of a few weeks "He .. uh ... saw a cockroach."


  1. rofl...fiction or not? ;-)

  2. I hope for the bride's sake that this is fiction! And awesome template!! Its Spring in Dew land already.

  3. haha..are you
    sure his husband is not a gay..? hahaha..jsut kidding.. :3

  4. Anonymous3:24 AM

    (side) effects of being married..:))lol

  5. Yeloooo :) i hope you remember me :P

    Btw this did actually happen in our case, though it was the neighbours who rushed into ask what happened :P

  6. hahaha... tht was so cuteeee dewyyy.... amazinggg

  7. hehehe LOL :) nice one here

  8. lol! vin had a complaint that i don't do these "girly" things!! maybe one of these days, i should scare him like this! :D

  9. Give the guy a break. He is getting used to being married and sharing his room, and then one day, he wakes up with a white mask staring at him. How would you react?

  10. arre amey, SHE is also getting used to being married. you have no clue how weird it feels for the first few days to know that it's no more MY room, but OUR room... best they get used to it together na!?
    but yes, spooking out with facepack is something that hadn't occurred to me. yet. :)

  11. hahah :) it sounds like a true story!

  12. :) roflol that was!!

  13. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Truth or Fiction is my question. Like so many others. :)
    Very well written

  14. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Hehehehe..who wud hav thunk? :P

    And Murphy's law always holds good..always! :D

  15. ha ha! really funny! and very possible too! :)

  16. @Rayshma: I know that. I would have made a lot more fun of him if the mask of death wasn't involved. And then the bride has to go and tell all he is afraid of a cockroach? That guy can't catch a break, can he?

  17. Titaxy: I doubt it matters much if it's fiction or not :)

    Never mind: Haha! I dunno, it seems to me the sort of thing that a couple might laugh over for years to come!

    Ayu: He probably wouldn't be scared of cleansing masks if he were!

    Wishes Galore: Haha, yeup!

    SMM: Hellooo! Of course I remember, I have an elephant's memory (or so I like to think anyway).

    And, you don't say! HAHA! what did you tell the neighbours then? And is your husband used to the mask thingy now? :D

    D: Thank you! :)

    Dido: :) Thanks!

    Nu: Thank you, and welcome :)

    celestialrays: :)

    Catty: HAHA! Either he doesn't know what he's getting into or he's one of the rare kinds ... maybe a bit of both! Maybe you ought to fulfil his wish :D

    San: Thank you :D

    Stringofpearls: Thank you!

    Amey: Um, it's only a story? Itna tension mat lo? Although, seriously, I think it was the look of adoration on the mask of death's face that must've scared him :D

    Doli: Haha, refer to SMM's comment above, it did happen to her!

    Purnima: Maybe you should try this out ;)

    Comfortablynam: Thank you, but it hardly matters if it's fiction or not! Of course, in the grand scheme of things, someone's fiction is someone else's reality ... could've happened to someone! SMM for example , haha.

    alwayshappykya: Hai na? :D Bleddy Murphy and his law and its corollaries ... always taang adaoing everywhere I tell you!

    Anu: Yes! :)

    Amey: You'd have made fun of the guy if the mask weren't involved? Why?!

  18. the look of adoration on the mask of death's face

    The words you never thought you would use together, ever...

    And minus the mask, it's either make fun of him for being so scared of his wife or pitying him for marrying someone who makes him scream. And option #2 shouldn't really be mentioned in mixed company ;)

  19. Minus the mask I doubt that story would ever be told to anyone :P And I'm willing to bet every man has a few minutes at least where his wife makes him want to scream :D

    I think I'm becoming a gambler of sorts. 'I'm willing to bet ...' is one of my favourite sentences lately. Yikes.

  20. *never.

    That story would NEVER be told to anyone.

  21. Anonymous12:36 AM

    it's a hap hap happy bday..
    may you live to be a 103... and me a 100!
    - rayshma.

  22. akka...
    is this story to prove men will be boys or to prove women will be women...!!??