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Friday, July 09, 2010

Some things just don't get old

Like the fact that roughly two years later, there isn't a single day I go by without talking to you.* Or the fact that you laugh at the silliest things I say, when you're not finishing me off with that quintessential 'tch'. Or the fact that as the days go by, you only proceed to evolve into a self-contained support system that lends me a ear, a shoulder, a rant-outlet, career advice, wisdom. And otherwise simply continues to add to my happiness with mere presence.

If this were the me of a few years ago, I could have managed an effusive and articulate ode celebrating you. But then again, maybe the me of a few years ago wouldn't have made friends with you. But knowing that you'll get what I'm saying, despite the taciturnity ...

I hope that some day I will be the secure, confident, content and wise person you are.

Happy Birthday Catty ... because you don't age, you evolve :)

*And yeah, I was very serious about using Tuesday as a point of no-contact, if ever ;)


  1. Oh yes, going totally off the topic on this heartfelt post, Bartimaeus trilogy review:

  2. She sounds like a wonderful person. Happy Birthday to her :)

  3. aww... you made me feel all mushy now! this means SO very much to me. really.
    i love you child... LOTS!
    and i hope and pray, fervently, to the powers that may be... that the day of no-contact doesn't ever come by. even if it means eliminating all tuesdays!

    BIG hug! MUAH!

  4. amey - you ought to wish me here, u know. then, post reviews!
    no hema for you! hmph!

  5. titaxy: quite wonderful... yes! :D
    thanks, gurl! :)

  6. Anonymous10:52 PM

    An year already??

    It feels so recent I wished this B'day Girl here.
    Lemme look..ok, here:

    Ah, three cheers to you Rayshma and to the awesome relationship you two share :)

  7. HAHAA!! yeah, a year already!
    feels like y'day... really!

    thanks so much , AHK! :)
    cheerz! :)

  8. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Sweet. Happy burday again raysh!


  9. la vida loca7:46 PM

    awwwww. dewey is so sweet

  10. Amey: You're allowed to go off topic as such, seeing as just how entertaining you can be. But in this instance, the lady demands to be wished :D

    Titaxy: She is when you know her :)

    Catty: MUAH!! I like the idea of eliminating Tuesdays :D

    AHK: You have to be the sweetest person around dude ... not only do you actually find the time to come and read and comment despite being so busy but you also remember and pull up old stuff if needed! It seems funny indeed that a whole year has gone by though :)

    Loca: Haha, thanks girl! But as I told someone recently, 'I can be nice, emphasis on can' :)

  11. @Rayshma: Agreed, that was unintentionally rude. So, belated b'day wishes to you!

    BTW, "no hema for you!" sounds so... weird. ;)

    @DDD: I thought she had already sent the Hema script to you. Where is it?

  12. Amey:. I culd have sworn I published your comment but it seems to have vanished, my bad!

    Arre she gave me only the first part of Hema and we've not talked about it since ... I don't want to post aadha adhoora stuff so I'm hanging on to it.

    Catty: Amey said that was unintentionally rude nd wished you a belated happy budday ... I managed to lose the comment, sawry :(

  13. hahaha... i can see amey's comment... tiz okay...
    thanks amey..
    and alice. and loca! :D

    as for hema - you do posts in parts anyway... i need a guarantee that it will be published the day after i send it.

    and you - dewey, told me you were bored of it! hmph! no blaming me. i have the whole darned thing ready. vin read it also, accidentally! he wanted to know how i have time for such rubbish! hehehehehe