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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bella's bumper sticker

'My boyfriend sucks'


  1. That was sparkling... I mean brilliant.


  2. rofl!
    Literally, of course.
    Figuratively: Read somewhere that Robert Pattinson's apparantly a descendant of Dracula. This News Sucks! Right.

  3. bella has strange taste in men.

  4. What's wrong in sucking?

    I like Bella..especially in the Sharbath Amma makes in summer.

    Maybe that Boyfreind like to suck Bella. Good for him.


  5. Amey: HAHA!!! Razor-wit strikes again :D Have you read the Bartaemeus Trilogy? Recommended? Pliss to rate on a scale of one to Percy Jackson :D

    The Bride: :D hehehe

    Meira: Hello! Welcome welcome, now you've got me thinking about that XKCD strip where they have this debate about literal and figurative meanings :D RP a descendant of Dracula?! Really? Strange, considering Dracula's ethnic origins ...

    Catty: Well, she's only a few years over 12 ...

    AlwaysHappyKya: Look who's here!!! :D
    HAHAHA!!! Bella, yeah so sweet no? Maybe that's why he likes here :D HAHAHAHA!

  6. Man, Bella is soo boring, Edward may need to resort to sucking just to pass time!

    Does anyone hate her as much as I do?

  7. LOLLL i like tht :P

  8. Anonymous5:23 PM

    you've got mail!