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Monday, June 21, 2010

What they don't warn you about

'Parting is such sweet sorrow'

It's pretty much a given that farewells are hard. Farewells to family. Farewells to the love of your life. Tempered with the promise of reunion and better times later, these farewells.

What no one cautions you against is the wrenching away, never to be united again the same way, disrupting perfectly peaceful harmony.

And it doesn't even hit you until ages later, just when you think you've come off okay, forgetting the soft, exposed, sensitive spot and leaving it open for a bull's eye score.

Like when your ex-housemate drives you home and just before leaving, says "Shame! Can no longer say goodnight and just trip off to the next room to sleep!".

Or like when you see the faces of two dear beloved people watching for you from inside a car as your bus is pulling out of the station.

You knew it was going to be temporary. You knew you had to go your separate ways one day. But who said that made it okay?


  1. i hate farewells. absolutely H.A.T.E.
    they're all the worse coz u never know when and which is the last one.

    and yeah, you're right. the ones that you know are temporary... the fact that it's temporary makes it NO easier.

    but i lauve you! MUAH!!!

  2. i write such irrelevant comments! you must like me a lot to publish them all! :D

    p.s.: there's NOTHING sweet about sorrow!

  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Damn. That almost made me cry. :(


  4. Catty: Babe, we've gone way beyond 'like' for the longest time now. Of course I'd publish every little thing you post! :) MUAH!

    Thing about farewells is, I'm really daft. I just don't get that I'm saying bye to someone until much later. So while I'm not actually shedding tears ... it makes for a lot of stupid feelings later. I suck at byes basically. Sigh. Oh and I think I'd like to cal up Shakespeare and demand and explanation about this parting being sweet sorrow business.

    Alice: Awww! Here's a hug :)

    SnS: There, there!

  5. Shakespeare probably had a lot of ill-luck with girls. he had to pretend. Hence the "sweet" bit ;)