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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, what do you know. My wish has been granted!

Rats! I knew I should've asked for something else.


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    you could have asked for pricey shoes :P

  2. more importantly, will they grant you admission?
    would you be required to submit an essay stating why and how you deserve to be a part of this program?! :P

  3. Anonymous6:49 AM

    when you graduate, will you be called the 'pointy-heeled lady' .. like a certain 'pointy haired boss'? :D

  4. @Rayshma: But who will provide her with recommendation letters? And what about transcripts?

    @DDD: Next time, ask for some materials for the practical part of the course, too ;)

  5. Celestialrays: Oh but I do have (what I deem) pricey shoes. And fat lot of good they are.

    Rayshma: :P You need to have your mind taen off such matters for a while. Get your dancing shoes out ;)

    Alice: I don't know, I was hoping for something along the lines of 'Her Highness' ;) :D

    Amey: Not you too! And no, no materials and all ... next time I will wish for ... teleportation powers. Yes.

  6. Oh D3, let's you and I go together. I own such pretty heels and have never, ever worn them :( I am consumed with envy when I see women sexily slinking along in mile-high stilettoes!!

  7. Is this my upgrade, Pitu? I've gone from D2 to D3? ;) Yes let's form a club or something ... I've given up on this high heels thing, wear them and you get sore feet and bruising and worn out heel edges which clack at some point. Don't and ... well, they sit there looking balefully at you. Sigh. No winning this is there?

  8. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Teleportation is easily done, child. Just tap the heels together (thrice?) and away you go from the wicked witch of the east to Kansas. Quick now, and hold Toto firmly:P


  9. alice: she may tap the heels together WRONG. and end up upside down on a broom in some closet! HEHEHEHEE!!! :D

    amey: recco, i'll give na! no problem! transcripts... erm.. i doubt they need that... age proof she'll need. bas!

  10. @Rayshma: Give us a sample of that letter, please.

    @DDD: Teleportation with high heels? So you can pop up anywhere you want and stamp on anyone's feet with your heels? Ouch.

  11. Alice: Bas tumhari hi kami thi yahan, chalo ho gayi tum bhi? :D I don't want to tap shoes and teleport, it gives only the option of Oz or Kansas, I don't want to be stuck with wonly two options!

    Catty: How on earth do you ALWAYS imagine I'll land in some such situation?! And I concur with Amey, I wants to see sample of this letter you speak of.

    Amey: You pester her for Hema, focus!

    And you've given me an ACE idea!!! I could do that a la Bowerick Wowbagger :D

  12. you HAVE first part of hema since BEFORE i went on blog break. i don't see THAT here??? i REFUSE to complete hema if it's not going to get posted anyway.
    first i don't get mail. then, i get accused of such things.

    amey: tell her to submit proof she's applying. i'll blog the recco.

  13. Arre mee paas poori story hogi then I'll post no?!

    What do you mean you don't get mail?!

    And about the recco, I'll do your awesomeness certificate and you do me that recco, okay?

  14. i had a great laugh when i had first read that article on guardian. heels and me don't get along either and of course, there are no regrets. I am not hurting my body to look good to others. but but but i was thinking ... all this time i was told, walk with heel first, and this article says walk with ball first. blah. i shan't walk. i shall fly. :))