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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

By the water-cooler

Is a tub of mini choco-chip muffins, on the table.

And that's my entry to Parul's contest. Okay, so I'm trying to bribe, but at least I'm being honest and over-the-table about it. :P


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    LOL! Throw some at me :D

  2. what's the bribe? and for whom?
    genuine request: less links, more text please?

  3. Celestialrays: :D hehe, sure!

    Catty: The muffins? To the office public? There really aren't THAT many links! YOU get back to blogging!

  4. dude, in a two-line post also there are links to visit.
    i'm not getting back to anything. i have mid-terms happening.

  5. :D Arre but you don't HAVE to click and see no? I'll tell you what they are, bas?

    I hope you finish this school stuff soon, I wants some new nonsense to see on your blawg!