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Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's play

Ever notice how quirky some of the word verification terms are? We're going to make a game out of them. I've enabled word verification in my comments, your job is to either explain what the word you're given might mean or use it in a sentence. Go wild!

(And if you're thinking this is boring, let me direct you here.)

Go on then, spread some silliness!

Edited to add: Okay now I feel like the kid who had a lonely childhood, he/she had only two imaginary friends and they only played with each other.

Edit to the edit: Okay so I'm not a lonely child after all ... but blogger's refusing to let people comment if WV is on, so ... we no play! :( Gah. If you're still interested ... if you find a funny WV on someone else's blog and feel like mentioning it here, please do.


  1. I didn't see no captchas. Being a lonely kid... not so bad i guess, i've had times where i had to figure out ways to keep myself entertained. Having two imaginary friends who wouldn't let you in on their games... now that sucks! :P

  2. are you directing people to my blog with that "go to boring blog, so you'll like me better' inference?
    are you??

    i can be your imaginary friend also!
    i lauve you!!!
    but i can't see word verification and all...

  3. We're not here for someone else's soddin' blog, are we?

    Anyhoo (shamelessly borrowed from your vocab), here's a zoke to cheer you up:

    Aunty Chote se Puppy se: Are kitna pyaara doggy hai. Mera baby, kitne pyaare baal hai. Muaah.. Muaah..
    Chotu: par Aunty...
    Aunty: Are chotu ruko to do min. thoda pyaar karne do. Itna cute hai.
    Chotu: par Aunty suno to.
    Aunty: Hadh karte ho. muaah muaah. achha bolo kya baat hai.
    Chotu: Aunty iska munh idhar nahi, udhar hai.

  4. Someone: Oh look who's back!!! Howdy been? :D We're not here for someone else's sodding blog but that's pretty much the only way anyone will ever play this game :P And I guffawed pretty loudly and the joke :D

    Catty: If you hovered over the link you'd see it was directed elsewhere ... main tumko boring thode hi bolega!

    And yeah you can be my imaginary frand lekin as you once vehemently declared, you're not a figment of imagination, you exist ;) I also lauve you no?