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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dear Ma,

You know how sometimes you think I don't make enough effort to cook and eat?

So yesterday, I thought I'd make that mint rice thingy for dinner and headed grocery shopping. But they'd run out of Coriander. 'No biggie' I figured and thought I'd make pasta instead (no, not quite the phodni-pasta. I'm looking at you, Catty. And you, Celestialrays). But they were out of Mozarella. And coriander, still.

So then I figured, what the heck, I'll make that corn upma you make sometimes. Nice and filling and I can bring it to lunch as well if I make enough. Plus, I could have the corn frozen for use later. But they had no corn.

Still not quite giving up, I thought I'd try my luck at the store nearer home. They didn't have this stuff either. Especially the corn. They ALWAYS have corn. How can they not have corn?! But they didn't. I could see the nicely lettered sign there but the shelf was empty. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Ptooey.

This was the point at which I gave up* and bought a preservatives-and-bad-stuf-rich pizza and headed home.

So you see, 'The universe is conspiring against me' isn't really a lame excuse for not cooking.

I'm just saying.

* I was too tired from all that gallivanting to think of another quick recipe.


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    This world is full of excuses! Hmph :|
    Mozarella for pasta? Interesting :D
    Catty give it a funny name please :D

  2. Came here to say the same - Mozarella for pasta?

    Anna saaru is easy peasy no? Make a spicy egg bhurji to go along, which is easy peasy too.

    All done :D

    ( Oh, BTW, I hate cookign too..but like to talk abotu it..hehe)

  3. dude, first phodni pasta... then mozarella... you really should stop making pasta. no matter what the store runs out of or has in stock!

    divvi: my brains're fried. i can't think beyond subculture and segmentation right now... but even in that state, this wannabe pasta recipe sounds dodgy! :D

  4. CR: Ssshh!!! Don't go telling that to my mother. I'm sure she knows it already but she does NOT need corroboration from my friends ... I'll hear NO end of it! Haan Mozarella for pasta, I like the texture and taste so I eat it as an accompaniment.

    AHK: Aiyyo, no big fan of anna-saaru, that's why.

    Catty: Bullshit, long as no one else is being subjected to the pasta I make I can add anything I want.

  5. WHERE is my other comment?!

    i said tum thode hi chup baithti ho with these exotic pastas. you insist they taste good... and then suggest we try them too... i actually attempted to feed vin the phodni pasta!
    and we both still love you! life is really unfair, no! ;)

  6. hummm phodni pasta ? I am done with pasta almost but can try this one. :D
    and my staple and short cut is khichadi ( why make dal-chawal separately :P) or if i have a bit more patience then mix veg pulav.

  7. Catty: Blogger louves your comments, keeps gobbling them up, greedy ph****r! :P okay, now I'm tempted to ask, what was Vin being punished for? :D

    Bluemist: hahaha, okay it's not something I cooked up (pun intended :P), it's an authentic Italian recipe. Go look up Aglio olio e pepperoncino. I'm not a rice person, so if I'm making it it has to be something like pulao or masala rice ... or puliyogare :)

  8. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Where you??


  9. he was being punished for being on your side. what do you think?! ;)

  10. ma didn't tell you to blog more often???
    kuch toh suna karo! :P

  11. Alice: Around and about :) Howdy?

    Catty: :D Hee hee ... think about it, would you really like it he were not? Looks like the poor guy hasn't a chance ... no 'Vin-Vin' situation for him :P

    And 'ma' bole toh 'Raysh-ma'? :D