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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January is badass

Yeah, yeah, I know ... long time. Happy New Year and all that too.

I suppose I should have recounted Things That Mattered and Events of Importance in the Last Decade and maybe made some sort of resolution(s) but the truth is, I couldn't be bothered. I was living it up you see, which should say all there is to say on the matters above. Although I suppose if I had to say something, this would be it ... allowing for minor differences in our lives, that is. I still say though, like my heroine Anne did, "It's much nicer to think pleasant thoughts and keep them to yourself."

There is a squirrel. Not a real squirrel, mind you. A squirrel on a page, prominently displayed, visible at all times. A little red squirrel with a great bushy tail and spiky tufts behind the ears, surrounded by snow and standing in an attitude of duelling in a snowball fight to the death.

Squirrel had to be named. I have a tendency to think of creatures as 'he' by default. And so came the suggestions. Thor would be apt, or rather ... comically apt. Various Gods of Snow were called upon.

But then, the squirrel started to look more like a she. The sort of she who would go around generally being terrifying and calling people 'punk'. A bit like Thalia in Percy Jackson's tales.

And she was named January.


  1. As expected, blawger ate my cawment.
    I said we should introduce the squirrel to the nut-cracking-trainer uncle.
    What fun that would be.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    January a squirrel? What next- June is a pig? :D
    Woman you amuse me :D

  3. Catty: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'd forgotten about him! :D I think tables will be turned were these introductions to be made :D

    Celestialrays: I exist to amuse, my dear ;) June being a pig would incur the wrathe of Juno ... brr! June's a rabbit, although I personally think they ought to have changed that to a hare and given it to Marh :D

  4. Of course you exist to amuse. What else would explain your photographs?

    What is July? A Kitty Kat?! :D