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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Lord!

Dear God,

How have you been?

As just one of the few thousand gadzillion specimens of one of the few thousand gadzillion species that you're responsible for, I'm assuming that you do have time now and then for me too. Yes Ben Elton said "He (Her/It?) created a few thousand other people the day you were born, He probably won't even remember your name" and while that sounds funny, I still would rather continue believing that at some point you do have the tiniest sliver of time just for me. Life being the joke it is and madness being a part of everything... I guess am allowed my idiosycracies. Save this for the time when it is my day. But hear me out.

I have a whole lot of questions... no not the usual boring ones of "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose in Life?" "What happens after we die?" stuff... I've managed to work out some of those... and the rest, I couldn't really care less about. I might have a couple of cliched questions... but you asked for it in creating us few thousand gadzillion creatures that are so darn the same at the end of every darn single day.

Let's first work out this equation between you and me. A whole lot of people give you some form they can believe in, some attitudes and values they believe you shall have and thus, satsified, believe in you, rever you, worship you. You hold no form for me. Like water you say?? No perhaps not... it too has some definite existence... you, in my mind, do not. You're a flexible being... An existence that I do believe in and interact with, but with the easy camaraderie of a long lost friend or cousin that one can share things with and not think too much about when you're away from each other... Someone I trust just accepts my existence and watches from a distance... perhaps pulling a string here and there and laughing in glee at my troubles and reactions. I do not however believe you vengeful... or malicious... maybe you do know what you're doinng pulling those strings... maybe you're blooy clueless yourself... But whatever it is, whether you're a child swallowing mud and then displaying the universe to his mother in there or a grumpy old man who wants nothing more than to be left alone with his things, a young woman of infinite beauty and virtue or a spirited young man taking charge of things with gusto... or maybe just a form... an unfathomable one... I am comfortable with you enough to thank you when am cooking, or curse you for giving women the pains you do.. mental, emotional, physical... and I can say things to you and without there being any reason, feel better for it. I suppose am actually imposing my will on you, into being something I want you to be... but what's so different from the way someone else would imagine you.. maybe just that in my mind you're a liberal free spirit.

That being clear... what have you been doing? to me?

Is this the part where you punish me or are you teaching me something subtly... if it's the subtlety, you ought to know it doesn't work with me... I prefer direct directions. You really ought to think about what you created in me... For evey cliched thing I do, there are about a thousand I do not...thoughts I have sometimes are plain warped...there doesn't seem to be an instruction manual that helps... lost it in the mail, did you? Assuming of course that we're in this together... that would make two of us lost causes... makes for an interesting experiment mind you, but thank you, I'd rather skip some of those tests.

You've made me feel things I hadn't believed possible for me. I just have to ask why. Your reasons of a higher purpose serve me no satisfaction... but then again, you'll take an eternity to answer and make me wait you will... will it help at all to ask for a clue in this time of turmoil?

I know I sound like am complaining a lot... can't help that either since I like my world ordered and the order you have in mind for me does not seem to agree with the order I have in mind for me. And yet, Lord, you've given me a whole lot of great stuff which I cannot stop thanking you for... am not trying to butter you up by saying that... on't see the point of it... loads of other people do it anyway and I definitely believe in being to-your-face... just... you're doing a great job there... be by me just as you have all this time. Did I say thank you yet again? No??? Well thank you very much for everything you've ever done... keep an eye on things and o see about the world peae and women's lib bit... extra brownie points if you get them over in a taxi-second time... cmon, you know I'm right.

Right then... take care of yourself... see you around. Oh that game of scrabble awaits... and yeah... hugs... ok enough beaming now. Show off :P



  1. dear dewdrop,

    i have been great... thnx for that long letter... shall take you out clubbing soon... we'll get drunk and then talk abt your life.. :D..
    love you.. i'm always looking after you.. :)..


  2. So not funy Winger...

  3. Loved the letter. God can't be he or she, I feel - god is genderless.
    And I hope world peace is remembered ... I have found World Peace to be the magical quick wish I would ask if I ever am granted a wish... why not women's lib first? Because there can be no world Peace without equality, and fairness and justice to all the creatures on Earth.

    Best wishes fr your wishes being granted, these are mu wishes too.