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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Of Things White and Wonderful

I went for a walk to the nearby Clissold's Park with A today... it's amazing how many white things I could find to admire there.

To begin with there were the clouds. London.. any place actually, has cloud formations hanging over them every other day but the ones I saw today were quite spectacular. You just had to look up to see these huge feathery wisps hanging over your head as if they were feathers waiting to swish the air about in a flurry... some looked like combs even. It was something to look about, trace the circumsphere of the planet and then see the clouds in juxtaposition to the planet's largeness... an entirely new perpspective to think about... made me see things differently indeed. For a moment I even gave over to thinking what if this swishy feathry thing above was a spaceship :D

Then there was that group that looked like a whole lot of ice skis had been shacked up randomly inside a shed. And one that resembled a dinosaur's spine. I think I kight have attracted some strange looks from people around as I was rather vocal about my observations... oh heck. I looked up the cloud formations and found out they were Cirrus clouds. They were breathtaking really... huge, pure white and awesome in totality.

Then there was the lone white pigeon we saw in the bird enclosure in the park... a loner among the budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds and parrots of brightly coloured plumage. And of course, the ever present, extremely cute and cuddly rabbits that are my special favourites in the mini zoo... they're always doing funny things... sniffing, eating vegetation adorably, chasing each other or sitting serenely with their big ears at attention... they seem quite deaf though... not one responds to anything you might say or do... big use of such ears I say. Like a friend said, those rabbits are rather 'mentally deranged'.

The last white thing we saw was unquestionably the winner. It was a labrador retriever... out with the owners for a stroll... but oddly enough, although the owners has tennis ball to throw for it to catch and seemed happy enough to do that, the spunky pooch wanted to run after the tennis ball that a bunch of guys were shooting back and forth with racquets... no amount of persuasion from the owners could make it change its mind... it ran back and forth between the players trying to get hold of the ball and even when one of them pretended to throw it but hid it behind him, the dog just ran madly. It seemed to respond only to this one player though... it stood staring at him eagerly while the guy behind it had the ball in his hand waiting to start. Silly dog :)


  1. thats what i hate about song writing.. i cant capture life's simplicity in it.. or maybe i havent tried that yet.. gave me food for thought .. :).. thnkx!!!!!

  2. you want to write about labradors running after balls and mentally deranged rabbits??!!! :O Just kidding :) You're most welcome... by the way, it's the update season... how about humouring your reade's with one?? A simple one to hit the right note :)

  3. Funny. When I was in 5th grade we had to write an essay on "My Hobby" and I wrote on how I love to sit and watch clouds take shape of various objects etc. while others wrote "stamp collection" and "coin collection".

    Since then I have been looked upon as the weirdo!

    Welcome to the club.