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Monday, July 16, 2007

Moments of insanity... moments of insight

D had been over for the weekend... as with a gadzillion other people in this world who are friends like she and I are... we had our moments. A sneak peek:

1] We're standing by the lift waiting for it to come up so we can storm the common room to watch movies while we dine... I have a whole lot of stuff in my hands, balanced perfectly.

D: Were you Rajnikanth in your last birth?

A: Why?

D: Coz you're holding so many things with such ease

A (laughs, pauses and then says): No I was Rajnikanth's father... If I'd been born as Rajnikanth I'd still be Rajnikanth.

2] My room has a huge skylight that gives my room of one window a whole lot more light than if otherwise structured.

D: What is someone were to come into your room?

A: I lock the door and the window...

D: What if they were to come in from there (Pointing to skylight)

A: I'd complain to the authorities and they'd lose their jobs

D: What if wasn't someone human

A: Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

D: What if it was a female?? then you could see her undies!!!

A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! What if was a native ghost?

D: You'd see her undies all the more don't you think???


  1. AH! Thank you for the idea. My new house is gonna have a skylight as ladies entrance.

  2. so will mine....... hehehehehe

  3. Oh shut it you two!!!

  4. well for the records the native ghost A and D referred to is believed to sniff its victims!!!
    i dont know why, but it is believed so!!!

  5. hahaha... the stories one's folks make up to get one to behave... yes Divi, wonderful memories of ghosts indeed :)