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Thursday, December 27, 2007

(Many Happy) Returns

You know how salutary lessons leave you with a stinging feeling... like when you get slapped right across your face and it pains like hell... it hurts like hell doesn't it??? I just received a salutary lesson that I'm not going to forget for a long long time. No I wasn't beaten :P

And you know what else??? I'm actually feeling really good about this rap I received. It was just the wake up call I required. And I was lucky enough to be given it on the very day that is supposed to be the advent of something new, the day when supposedly turning over a new leaf if somehow more special, meaningful and likely to stick. My birthday.

First of all, as is my custom, here's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank you and huge hug along with a round of applause for My Dearest Entity That Resides Above!!! Gotta hand it to you pal, you have a sense of humour :)

Right, this somehow changes things dramatically for the me who was whining about being a pathetic unsatisfactory grown-up in the last post. I was whining away thinking it's unfair that Life does not have a cash back facility for unsatisfactory products... because then I could trade in my unsatisfactory adult self for time dating back to my childhood when I was much better and start all over to basically end up with a new adult me who was somehow a better least in the same vein as the kid me if not for better than that. But that, of course, is impossible.

But hey!! Turns out, Life does actually come with an offer.

That of an upgrade ;)

And so, it transpires that whiny me learns about the upgrade and is actually eligible for it :D

You know how they say sometimes you're looking all around for something only to realise after much time and effort (all the while feeling slightly stupid and foolish) that said thing is actually right under your nose?? THAT was my salutary lesson.

That I was being a complete idiot to rebel so against something wonderful that was being offered to me wholly. That I really was a nincompoop to not open my heart fully to the wonders that were up for grabs and thus being able to redeem SOME goodness instead of frowning and fretting and worrying about things I thought I wanted but was not able to have.

So maybe I haven't actually worked out the equation... but isn't that what a lifetime is for?? And maybe I won't stop making mistakes here... but I shall definitely amend this one.

I feel remorseful about what I have been doing... but mostly, I'm hopeful, I have faith... and I feel immense love. It's coming back... minutely perhaps... but it is. I can FEEL :)

Dear God,

I thought I was a goner
Perceiving what seemed like only trouble
But Faith, Hope and Love are here again,
I feel the goodness come...
Make mine a double

Loads and loads and loads of love and gratitude,



    Care - May the post friendly God eternally care for you.

    Matter - May the matter in your grey cells always jitter in goodness so as to forever fuel your blog in coolest of ways.

    Yellow - May you get bit more inclined towards adding yellow tones in your Hornbill magazines (my fav colour)

    Korrect - May your spellings always be written korrectly.

    On a bit more serious note, many, many happy sequels of the day. Your blog is surely more thought provoking and sweet than many of my video game endings.
    Checking this out for quiet some time now. Its great !!! Simply write more often, will you ??

    Congratulations again for turning 27 !!!!!

  2. Whooppiiiieeee!!! My first fan!! My very own fan!!! :D

    Hii Zephyr!! Thanks for dropping by (as often as you do) and thanks a ton for your wishes too :)I'll try to write mor eoften for sure... which, as you pointed out, would happen if I had enough matter thanks to overflowing goodness :) I'm keeping that hope alive... it feels like this year shall be different in a fee-good way :)

    How do you figure that am 27 though???

  3. Yiippiiieeee !! I’ll consider that as my first autograph !

    Well I must say Dew, there aren’t many people who welcome life with enthusiasm & positivity like you do. Especially men like me tend to hide themselves in so called ‘courage’ paradigm by acting they know a lot and repelling much of lessons to be learnt by life. But I suppose I am learning ! Hope to learn a lot from you Anu.

    Hmmm...was wondering about your name. Is it ok if I call you Anya. Simply because you remind me of our fav anastasia somehow....Somehow !!!

    And hey just kidding about your age; your journey’s just begun !!

  4. No mention of me I see...:D

  5. Zephyr: You're welcome! Must say though that I generally find people around me more positive and enthusiastic than I am... glad to be of help though.. haha.

    K: Narcissistic pea :P Your turn's long gone... now praise me!

  6. There's a controversial statement. "Narcissistic Pea" and "Your turn's gone". If I was so narcissistic, it'd be my turn all the time.

    "Now praise me" -- don't I always?

  7. Would be your turn all the time only according to you... who said it meant that others would comply?? I, for one, as you very well know, won't comply :P More praise please! :D

  8. Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise ...

    Is that enough?

  9. not quite... but you're getting there... heh!