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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weird Customer

On most days, I only have myself to shop for. And since I tend to not stock groceries for the week but rather as and when I need them, I noticed that my shopping basket would be a rather fascinating thing to observe on any given day. The explanations that could be imagined for my buying those items in that combination might be even more entertaining. Among other things, a random shopping trip has ended up with me buying:

  • Salted peanuts and sticky tape
  • One lemon, coriander and kitchen foil
  • Potatoes, onions and a reindeer soft-toy
  • A croissant and a pen


  1. Salted peanuts and sticky tape? Monkey trap?

  2. hehehee... i know the explanation behind the salted peanuts and sticky tape. but, shhhh...!!! :D

  3. in the potatoes, onions & reindeer toy... is the toy a vegetarian substitute for the actual deer??? ;)

    kha mat jaana usko bhukkad! :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Rayshma: Do tell, since DDD is clearly not going to say anything ;)

  6. Wacko combinations there ;-)

    Sympathy to that store-wala who would care to give some thought to what you buy :P

    Me curious like a kitten..Pray tell whay you bought salted peanuts with the sticky tape? :D

  7. haha very random I'd actually pay to read your weekly shopping reports.

  8. Amey: haha no!! Could be a squirrel trap though... ask Rayshma :P. Salted peanuts for the girls night out (or in) and sticky tape to put up fairy lights.

    Rayshma: I'm not eating the reindeer. It's stuffed with cotton and I don't have any reason to eat light :P

    Alwayshappykya: I delight in eccentricity :D And I doubt they notice my shopping.

    Vaudevillian: :D Well you can come shopping with me and pay the grocery bill, seeing as how you offered :D

  9. Yeah, given your explanation, squirrel trap sounds better than monkey trap ;)